The Bradley Method Helps Women Realize That Their Body Was Designed For Birthing

PregnancyThe Bradley method is another popular birthing technique that is used by many expectant mothers who wish to have an unmediated natural delivery.  This method was developed by Dr. Robert Bradley in the late 1940s.  He wanted women to realize that birthing was a natural process and that many women can give birth without medical intervention or drugs.  Dr. Bradley encourages women to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating correctly and exercising during pregnancy.

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Dr. Bradley concludes that there are six needs that an expectant mother needs while she is laboring.  Those six needs include: quite place to labor, feel as comfortable as possible, closed eyes and resting as much as possible, focus on relaxation and breathing techniques, maintain solitude, and some women prefer to labor in the dark.  The most important factor that makes this birthing technique effective it relies on a coach or spouse that is heavily involved in the laboring process.  Your spouse or coach is responsible for keeping you focused on your breathing and relaxation techniques as well as directing you to change laboring positions to help labor progress as needed.  During the childbirth classes, your spouse or coach will be taught massaging techniques and laboring positions that can be used to help ease labor pains.  While you are in labor, it is important for your spouse or coach to remain calm and relaxed, so that you can relax based upon your partners voice or touch.

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