Best Breast Pump Reviews: Selecting a Breast Pump That Is Right For You

Breastfeeding mothers often need a breast pump for a variety of different reasons.  Finding a quality breast pump doesn’t have to be difficult.  There are a wide variety of breast pumps available on the market to choose from to meet your needs and budget.  Before, choosing a breast pump you should decide what your going to use it for and how often you will use it.

Manual Breast Pump

Manual pumps are easy to use and never require electricity or batteries. Give you the option to use this breast pump virtually anywhere. Manual breast pumps are lightweight and easy to carry around in your purse, tote bag, or diaper bag. A manual breast pump is perfect for mothers who only need to pump occasionally.  Check out our manual breast pump reviews page for more information on manual breast pumps.   Manual breast pumps are great for:  missed feedings, occasional use, reducing engorgement, and draw out flat or inverted nipples.

Single Electric Breast Pump

Single electric breast pump are great mothers who want to pump milk while their baby eats.  This type of breast pump requires electricity. Some of the models offer battery packs, rechargeable batteries, or car adapters while makes pumping on the go easier.  Most single electric breast pumps are lightweight. A light weight breast pump is very portable and makes it easy to carry around in your tote bag, purse, or even your baby’s diaper bag.  Check out our single electric breast pump reviews page for more information on single electric breast pumps.  Single electric breast pumps are great for: missed feedings, daily use, can be used while your baby is eating, reducing engorgement, and using on flat or inverted nipples.

Double Electric Breast Pump

Double electric breast pumps allow moms to pump more milk in less time. You can pump breast milk from both breasts at the same time.  Most of these breast pumps require AC power, unless you purchase a model that offers a battery pack or car adapter.  Most models come with a carrying bag that stores your pump and all the accessories that you need for a pumping.  Check out our double electric breast pump reviews page for more information on double electric breast pumps.  Double electric breast pumps are great for: multiple pumping sessions, duel pumping saves time, latching issues, breast infections, and used to help increase low breast milk supply.

Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Hospital grade breast pumps are high quality breast pumps and are very expensive. Most moms prefer to rent a hospital grade breast pump. Hospital grade breast pumps are more effective and are often used to build your milk supply or exclusively using a breast pump to express breast milk. This pump is recommended for mothers with preemies, babies that require long term hospitalization ie NICU, or multiple babies.  The pump is bulky and isn’t very portable compared to the other types of breast pumps. Check out our hospital grade breast pump reviews page for more information on hospital grade breast pumps.  Hospital grade breast pumps are great for: moms who have given birth to multiples, pumping breast milk for preemies or a baby who is still in the hospital, latching issues, breast infections, and to help establish your breast milk supply.

What type of breast pump are you planning on purchasing?

Originally posted on Nov 11, 2011.



3 Responses

  1. Ceena Ong says:

    This is just what I was looking for. A short description of the types of breast pumps. I really don’t know which pump to get. I shall read your breast pump reviews. :)

  2. From my experience, I just wish I had purchased a good quality hospital grade breast pump from the start. I ended up wasting far more money trying to get by with a cheap one and then finding it impossible. They do not necessarily cost all that much either.

    • Christy says:

      I did the same thing with my older kids even though I didn’t go back to work. They ended up not working very well and it was a huge waste of money. I ended up getting a Medela Pump in Style for my youngest and it worked great for me.

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