I Caught Rascal Climbing the Walls and Perching Himself on A Motion Sensor

Last night as I was getting ready to go to bed, I opened the refrigerator door so that I could get a drink and Rascal comes bouncing out.  It was a site to see him bouncing around the house, similar to one of those high bouncy ball that bounces out of control.  He calmed down long enough to sneak out of the house so that he could visit with Santa Claus while the kids were sleeping.  This morning when I got up I caught him climbing the wall so that he could perch himself on the alarm motion sensor.

This morning, I woke up the baby and asked him if he wanted to get up so that he could go find the Elf.  He shook his head yes, so we walked around the house looking for the Elf.  My baby pointed to refrigerator, so I took him over to the refrigerator and opened it for him so that he look inside.  He looked surprised that he was no longer sitting in the refrigerator.  He was looking around the kitchen and living room.  He finally spotted Rascal.  My son smiled and pointed him out.

I Caught Him Climbing the Wall


He climbed up the wall and perched himself on the motion sensor for our alarm.


Contemplating what he will do next….


I wonder what Rascal will do next?



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