What Can I Do To Keep My Child or Teenager from Lying to Me Constantly?

ID-100104421Teenagers begin exerting their own voices and want to begin making their own choices.  Their choices may not be the choice that you agree with and they may cover up their actions to avoid getting caught.  If they are caught, they may attempt to cover up what they did and begin telling their parents a stream of lies to avoid getting in trouble for disobeying their parents rules.  Most parents end up catching their teenager in their lies and can easily figure out the truth.  However, as a parent this can be heartbreaking while putting a strain on a delicate relationship with your teenager.  So how can parents get their young child or teenager to stop lying?

Disclosure:  This blog post is for informational purposes only and should not replace advice from a health care professional, licensed counselor, or psychiatrist if the situation warrants outside help.

Build an Open Relationship With Your Child

As your child is growing up, as a parent it is a great idea to teach your children that they can come to you about anything going on in their lives.  Having an open relationship not only gives your child a sense of security but your child is more likely to come to you when they have a problem.  A great way to encourage an open relationship with your child is to have dinner together as a family and share your day’s events.  When your child is sharing their day, it is important that you listen to them and ask them questions about their daily activities.  You want your child to feel that you care about them and how they are doing.

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