Family Fun – Spending the Afternoon at the Swimming Pool

Children Playing in Swimming PoolYesterday afternoon I decided to take the kids to the swimming pool for a bit of afternoon fun.  My older kids have been asking when they could go swimming every since school has been out for the summer.  I decided that I would surprise the kids and let them go swimming.  The look on their face was “priceless” when they discovered that we were going to go swimming.

After I woke up my youngest from his afternoon nap, I whispered in his ear so that I could surprise my older kids.  I asked him if he wanted to go swimming.  He said, “Yes.”  I told him to go find his swim diaper.  After he grabbed a swim diaper, he headed into the living room where his older brother and sister was playing the Wii.  They quickly noticed the swim diaper in his hand and asked if we were going swimming.  I responded, “yes.  Go get your bathing suit on and get ready.”

I was planning on taking them to the pool once my daughter’s ear was fully healed.  I didn’t want her to go swimming until then; however, it was healed enough for her to still be able to get into the water.  I told her to make sure that she doesn’t get her head wet.  I am probably being overly cautious since the doctor said it was safe for her to take a shower and wash her hair but I don’t want it to get infected.

After everyone was changed into their bathing suits, we gathered everything that we would need to take the pool.  We stuffed the towels, sunscreen, and the key to the swimming pool inside of a tote bag.

When we arrived at the swimming pool, the kids quickly applied sunscreen to protect their skin from getting a sunburn and skin damage from the sun.  After I finished applying sunscreen to my youngest, I told him that he could get into the baby pool.

He loves to splash in the bathtub at home so I told him that he could splash all he wanted.  After a few minutes, he was busy splashing and walking around the pool as I watch him.  While he was busy splashing he would accidentally splash the water into his face and act surprised.

Next thing I knew, we were in the big pool.  I want him to learn how to swim so that he isn’t afraid of the water.  I started showing him how to kick his legs.  I laid him on his stomach in the water while holding on to him so that he could still move his arms and legs.  I told him to kick his feet and move his arms.

Then I took him to end of the pool that has a step that goes across the entire edge of the swimming pool.  I wanted to teach him how to jump to me.  I would let go of him and tell him to jump to me.  As he would jump towards me, he would giggle and laugh.  Once in my arms, he would tell me that he wanted to do it again.

He also got his first taste of pool water, YUCK.

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Do you enjoy taking your children to the swimming pool?

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  1. I remember enrolling in a mommy and me class with my daughter. She would put her hands on my shoulders, laying on her tummy, and kick the water. It was a great way for her to gain confidence. All three of my kids are strong swimmers, although now sadly my teen boys are losing interest. My oldest is even a certified lifeguard! I hope they pick it up again.

  2. My son was supposed to take swimming lessons last summer but his asthma acted up yet again and we ended up spending almost a week in the hospital instead.
    Oh well, there’s always next summer. :)

  3. Regina says:

    It sounds like everyone had a great time swimming. I know my kids love to go swimming too.

  4. DelSheree says:

    We’re headed to the local splash pad today, so this was nice timing! I’d have been cautious about getting your daughter’s ear wet too. Even with the chlorine, I’d still worry, but I’ve become a bit of a germ freak after going to dental hygiene school :) It looks like you all had a great time!

    • Christy says:

      DelSheree I hope that you and your family enjoyed going to the local splash pad. My youngest is already asking to go to the park again. He went to a splash pad a few weeks ago too.

  5. I swam on swim team from the age of 5-15, and lived in the water growing up. Hair was green and everything;) Such fun times!

  6. Laura says:

    I don’t (can’t) swim, but my girls love to go swimming, but they have only been a couple of times this summer.

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks!

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