Hypnobirthing Creates a Calm, Relaxed Environment Making Child Birth More Enjoyable

ID-10068670Hypnobirthing is another child birthing method that was discovered in 1944 by obstetrician Dr. Grantly Dick-Read.  He felt that women could have a safe, easy, relaxed child birth experience by using hypnosis during child birth.  Many women often times will tense up when their contractions start becoming unbearable; instead, of working with their body using breathing and relaxation techniques.

Dr. Dick-Read taught women how to break the cycle that makes labor harder, more painful, and difficult.  He felt that fear causes your body to tense up and that the add tension causes you to feel more pain.  Hypnosis during childbirth promotes relaxation and keeps blood flowing to all of the nonessential organs such as the uterus.

Disclosure:  This post is for informational purposes only.  All opinions reflected in this post are my own.

By using hypnosis during child birth, a woman can make her body go into a deep state of relaxation and allows her to work with her body during labor.  She can achieve a deep state of relaxation by using positive affirmations, cues, and visualizations.  These techniques will help guide her thoughts, help her relax, and help her focus on breathing techniques.  A woman who uses this birthing technique will often have their eyes closed as if they are day dreaming and will be focused on breathing the baby out.

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  1. In 2008, very skeptical, yet wanted to be ‘open’ minded; I conversed with a woman who did the hypno-birthing and thought the experience was incredible, she herself a nurse, wanted to learn how to work with women on helping them to have a hypnobirthing experience… I decided to give it a try… best decision EVER! the experience was incredible! Thanks you for sharing; I think all women wanting to have a baby should know that this is an option.

  2. Pauline says:

    HypnoBirthing was NOT created BY Dr Grantley Dick-Read, but his writings inspired Mickey and others to create programs based on the fact that birth does not have to be a fearful event within a woman’s life. By releasing the fear surrounding birth, woman can embrace their bodies and babies and birth as nature intended. HypnoBirthing(R) is an AMAZING tool for women to utilize in their labor and their life…yes, it becomes a life tool! I taught Bradley for 19 years and then certified with HypnoBirthing(R) and have never looked back….it is just wonderful. I am a Maternal Child Health Nurse and have seen it used within hospital settings, birth centers and homebirths…even c-sections for relaxation. It works… and there are many others trying to imitate it…but don’t be confused…HypnoBirthing(R)-The Mongan Method is the original and the best out there.

    • Christy says:

      There were several who contributing to founding the Hypnobirthing Method per Wikipedia. Thank you for sharing this information for my readers. I hope that my article is informative and can help women who want to use this method during childbirth.

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