Lamaze Birthing Classes are Designed to Empower Expectant Mothers

ID-10093046The Lamaze birthing technique is probably the most common child birthing technique that is taught  by hospitals and child birth educators.  This birthing technique was created by Dr Fernand Lamaze in the 1940’s to help women cope with the pain of childbirth.  He felt that women were capable of giving birth without the need of medical intervention.  The goal of his techniques was to empower women and teach them how to cope with child birth pain.

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Mom’s who use these techniques have better birthing outcomes.  Many women began to fear the birthing process so that when the contractions begin you begin to tense up; instead, of working with your body. As the fear grows with the contractions, you continue to tense up your muscles and you begin to feel pain.  This cycle continues and until the pain becomes unbearable.  Once your pain becomes unbearable, the higher the chances are that you will request medical intervention during your labor process.  However, Lamaze was designed to help break this cycle and to help you relax.

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