Learn How to Keep Your Toddler's Artwork off of the Walls and Furniture Learn How to Keep Your Toddler's Artwork off of the Walls and Furniture

Learn How to Keep Your Toddler’s Artwork off of the Walls and Furniture


I Promise I Won’t Draw on Your Walls.

A few weeks ago, my husband asked me if I needed anything from the store.  I asked him if he would pick up my youngest son a coloring book because he kept grabbing my pen from me when I wasn’t watching and kept telling me that he wanted to draw.  I took the pen away from him and he was devastated, even though I tried to reassure him that I would let him draw as soon as he woke up from a nap since daddy hasn’t brought him his surprise coloring book yet.

Disclosure:  The opinions reflected in this post are my own and may differ from your own opinions.

My Toddler’s Very First Coloring Book

When my son woke up from his nap, I immediately showed him the coloring book that daddy brought home just for him.  He seemed excited and I asked him if he wanted to draw.  He said, “sure” in his cute little boy voice.  I asked his older brother to go grab a few crayons and to bring them into the living room for his baby brother to use.  I tore a page out of his coloring book and sat him on the floor with a few crayons.  As a seasoned mom, I should have know better than to hand my toddler crayons freely on the floor.  I am not really sure what I was thinking but thankfully it didn’t end to badly, my toddler only colored on one of his toys with the crayons.

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