Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump Common Problems and Solutions For Reduced Suction

Do you own a Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump?  If so,  you may notice that your breast pump isn’t nearly as efficient at pumping milk as it used to be.  Don’t worry 90% of the time, you can easily restore your breast pump back to its original condition quickly and easily.  Try these common solutions to fix any problems with your Medela Pump in Style Backpack, On the Go Tote,  or the Metro Bag breast pump.
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Check Your Tubing at the Faceplate Connectors

Ensure that the tubing is properly attached to the nozzles on the Medela Pump in Style Faceplate.  If the tubing is loose your breast pump might not be getting the proper amount of suction in order to work properly.  Try adjusting the tubing to ensure that it is properly attached to the faceplate.  Sometimes the tubing will come lose a little bit without you even realizing it.  This solved over 75% of suction issues that I had with my Medela Pump in Style breast pump.   I  used my breast pump several times during the day while at work.

Inspect Tubing

Carefully inspect the tubing and  make sure that there isn’t any visible cracks or holes.  If your tubing has visible cracks,  you will need to order replacement tubing.  I always kept an extra set of tubing in my breast pump bag, in care I had any problems with my tubing.  The tubing can’t be purchased at local retail stores including popular baby stores.  The only place that you can find replacement tubing by contacting Medela directly or by ordering it from my website below.  (I do make a small commission if your order products listed on this page).  If you don’t have replacement tubing for your breast pump on hand you will be unable to use your breast pump for a few days until you you can get your replacement tubing.

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6 Responses

  1. marissa says:

    What if everything is in tact but yet the pump seems to be not strong enough to pump milk

  2. Engela says:

    Hi…my daughter in law is struggling with her breastpump that doesn’t pump as well as it did still work but is not that effective…she did replace the white valves…what else can be the problem…please help!!

  3. Clara says:

    I know I’m having suction issues b/c I used to own a medela pump previously and it worked fine. However my current one is BRAND NEW! What could be wrong? Checked everything!

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