My Newborn Won’t Stop Crying: Witching Hour or Colic

hungry babyMany parents wonder what happened to the baby that they brought home from the hospital just a few short weeks ago. Once your baby turns two weeks old you may notice a change in your baby’s behavior.  If fact, it may seem as if your happy, content baby flipped a switch and is now constantly cranky, inconsolable, and crying uncontrollably during the late evening hours.  This phase leaves many parents feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed.  During this phase, many parents can’t figure out what is wrong with their baby and they don’t know how to make them comfortable.

Note: I am not a doctor, nurse, or health care provider.  This post is for informational purposes only and never should replace getting your child medical treatment.

What is the Witching Hour?

This is just a phase that your baby is going through and it is often referred to as the Witching Hour.  However, most babies cry and remain inconsolable for several hours.  During an episode, your baby will not take a pacifier, shhing won’t make a difference, your baby won’t want to be laid down or held, feeding your baby won’t help, a bath might calm them down temporarily, or anything else that normally makes your baby content will not work.  As a parent you wish there was something that you could do for your baby to make them comfortable.  Remember that it is okay to take a parent time out if you need to in order to regain your composure.  If you do take a time out, lay your baby in a safe spot such as in their crib so that they don’t get hurt.

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