Are Pregnancy Hormones Leaving You Feeling Like a Hot Mess?

The moment you find out that you are expecting, many women are often overwhelmed and have mixed emotions.  Most women are thrilled to be expecting while other’s are scared to death.  All of these emotions that you are feeling are normal.  It will take time for many parents to adjust to the thought of being responsible for someone else in less than 9 months.  Whether your pregnancy was planned or not, having a baby is a life-changing event.

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Are You Feeling Overemotional?

Your body is going through a bunch of physical, hormonal, and emotional changes to in order to a grow your baby.  All of these changes may leave you feeling more emotional than normal.  You may experience crying spells, feel sad, or overwhelmed.  If this happens, you may find yourself explaining to your husband, family, or friends that it is just your pregnancy hormones.  They may find it funny, but try your hardest not to get upset with them.  Many women feel that they need to let the tears flow and cry it all out, so that they feel better.

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  1. Ceena Ong says:

    I’m so grateful that my husband is very patient and understanding. Whenever I have mood swings and kind of get cranky with him, he just laughs, make some jokes about my hormones and I’d remember that these irritations I’m feeling are just symptoms of being pregnant. :)

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