Rascal and His Friends Got into a Huge Snowball Fight Last Night

While we were sleeping last night, I heard some commotion early this morning coming from my kitchen.  I didn’t think anything about it because we have two dogs and they make noise sometimes at night.  When I woke up this morning, I walked into the kitchen and noticed that Rascal had some fun with his friends last night.  He made a fort using Jenga blocks and recruited some friends to play along.  They had a huge snow ball fight early this morning after Rascal returned from the north pole.  I wonder what he will think of next?


Rascal Ducking For Cover
Rascal is getting ready to throw some snowballs at his friends.
Rascal is ready to throw some snowballs at his friends.

Rascal is ducking from round 2 of their snow ball fight.



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  1. Steph~ says:

    Christy, you share such informative AND funfabYOUlous articles/posts…Your family, friends, and, all those you surround are very blessed~ This post made me smile/laugh~ Thank you~ :-)

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