Rascal and His Girlfriend Had a Party In My Living Room

When I went to bed last night, Rascal was heading back to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus and give him a report on how the kids are doing.  When Rascal returned home early this morning, he decided to throw a party in the living room with his girlfriend.  He found a perfect chair for them to sit in and he placed it in front of the television.  Then they got hungry so he went into the kitchen and got some chips and a coke to drink.  When I found them this morning they were happily watching their movie, wait for the kids to wake up and find him.  Rascal and his girlfriend had a food fight too because I found chips all over the floor.

Watching a Movie With His Girlfriend


Digging Into the Snacks


They Had a Chip Fight


Look at Their Mess Up Close – Food Fight


Watching Home Alone 5


Giving His Girlfriend a Kiss on the Cheek




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