Rascal Likes to Play Video Games Too

Rascal came down from the chandelier after the kids went to bed.  He said that he was ready to go for his nightly visit with Santa Claus.  I don’t know why he was in such a hurry to run off, but it must have been very important to Rascal.

Hopefully, he wasn’t off to the North Pole in search of more sweets, this seems to be his favorite thing to eat.  He must have been out pretty late again last night, because he was sneaking back in just as I was coming out of our bedroom to go wake up the kids.  Rascal was dashing around the house trying to find a place to hide.  He was still full of energy and I found him in the living room digging in the entertainment system.  I asked him what he was up too.  He replied, “That he was looking for a game to play so that he could burn off some of his excess energy.

The kids were looking for him this morning and quickly spotted him.  My baby was calling him again this morning, he is slowly learning how to say his name.  After I got the baby dressed, he wanted to go find his daddy.  They were playing and giggling and having a great time this morning.  But my baby couldn’t wait to go show daddy where Rascal was hiding.

Rascal digging for Wii games.


Rascal found some games that he wanted to play.


He decided that he wanted to play Just Dance 3.


The kids found Rascal wrapped around the Wii controller so that he could play Wii games while they were at school.


What will Rascal do next? Check back to find out.




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