Rascal Found the Toilet Paper and Made a Huge Mess

Rascal was still perched on the motion sensor when I went to bed last night and he seemed happy sitting up high watching the kids.  I didn’t hear him sneak out last night to head to the North Pole. The baby woke up around 1:30 early this morning and Rascal was no where to be found.  When I finally ready to go back to bed, Rascal was sneaking back into the house.  I told Rascal good night and that I would see him in the morning.

When I went back to bed, he got out the toilet paper and got into the kitchen cabinet where I was hiding some candy.  He found my unopened box of Nerds and put them on the kitchen table.  He toilet papered my Christmas centerpiece that I put on the kitchen table every year.  Before putting the roll of toilet paper back into the bathroom, he made himself some toilet paper blankets.  Next, he opened my box of Nerds and they went flying all over the table.  When I found him this morning, he was cuddled up with his toilet paper blankets and he had his hand inside the box of Nerds.

This morning my youngest was ready to get up and look for the Elf.  When he found him, his was excited and he smiled really big.  I took the baby in our bedroom so that my son could go find daddy and tell him all about what the Elf did last night.  My son wanted to go show his daddy what the Elf did.

Rascal weaved toilet paper in the between the candles.


He seems very happy with the mess that he made last night, look at those glossy cheeks.


He spilled Nerds all over the place when he opened the box.


Check out that homemade blanket, silly Elf!


What will Rascal do next?  Check back and find out!



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