10 Ways to Help a New Mom Feel Special After She Had a Baby

10 Ways to Help a New Mom Feel Special After She Had a Baby

10 Ways to Help a New Mom Feel Special After She Had a Baby

New moms are usually busy changing diapers, feeding a new baby, and trying to catch some zzz’s between bonding with her new baby. A new baby is a ton of work but it is worth it all. Those sleepless nights usually start in the hospital too. However, moms do need some special TLC as she is adjusting to her new role. I wanted to share with you 10 ways to help a new mom feel special after she had a baby.


Most new moms enjoy receiving flowers along with a note letting them know that you are thinking about them. Pick out a bouquet of flowers that has a teddy bear or something that she can keep as a memory. I suggest that you stay away from flowers such that people tend to be allergic too like irises or lilies. Opt for roses or carnations such as these from Brisbane-Flowers.

Snacks or Goodies

You can make her a gift basket with some of her favorite snacks or treats. Don’t forget a few snacks for dad too. I remember always being super hungry between meals at the hospital. Especially at night time when nothing was open or when there wasn’t anyone at the hospital to run errands.

Plan to Take the Family Meals

I remember after I had all three of my kids, the last thing I wanted to do after I came home from the hospital was to cook my family dinner. I was always sleep deprived and I just wanted to catch up on my rest. If you have ever been in the hospital, you know that the nurses come in every few hours to check on you and the baby which makes it nearly impossible to get a good nights rest. Plus, your baby often keeps you up during the night too.

Give Gift Cards

If you don’t enjoy cooking meals for other people, you can pick up a gift card to restaurants in the couples area so that they can pick up dinner. Even if they don’t use the gift card right away, it is something that the couple can appreciate at a later date too.

Offer to Clean Her House

A newborn makes it somewhat difficult to keep up with all of the daily chores especially if there are other kids in the house. You can offer to clean the house or help tidy up a few things. I am sure any new mom would appreciate the extra help even though she won’t ask for it.

Run a Few Errands

New moms typically don’t want to take a new baby with her to run errands. Taking a new baby to the store or to run other errands generally means that the baby is being exposed to tons of new germs. Babies don’t have an immune system yet so they can easily get sick. If you have had a baby, you know how quickly they can go through diapers, wet wipes, nursing pads, and formula (if mom isn’t breastfeeding). You can offer to run a few errands and pick up the things that they need. If she doesn’t want you to run errands for her, offer to go with her.

Pamper Her

Offer to watch the baby while she goes to the spa, to get a haircut, or just to have a few minutes to herself without a baby in tow. Some new mom’s don’t like leaving their baby, so offer to go with her or bring her a gift basket with things to pamper herself at home. You can also make her some sugar scrub.

Let Her Take a Nap

I remember when my youngest was born, the first thing that I wanted to do when I got home from the hospital that I just wanted to catch up on some rest. We didn’t get very much sleep in the hospital and if we slept it was for a few hours here and there. If you have some spare time, offer to watch the baby for a little while so that mom can catch up on some sleep. Tell her that you will come wake her up if the baby gets hungry.

Allow Her to Take a Shower

A shower is super refreshing. If you have a newborn, chances are you don’t have the time to take a shower or you can’t take a super long shower. Offer to watch her baby so that she can get a shower.

Take the Older Kids Out for a Few Hours

If you have kids, offer to take your friend’s kids with you for a few hours. This will give mom and the new baby a chance to bond. Plus, it will give her a few hours of peace and quite.

New moms are often exhausted after they have a new baby. A new mother often needs a little bit of TLC to make her feel important as she adjusts to her new role.

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What was one thing that you wish you would have had help with after you got home from the hospital with your baby?

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