10 Things Not To Wear To an Interview

interviewThey say the first impression is the last impression; as true as that statement is, it becomes even more important when you’re looking for a job. Your attire and the way you carry yourself are sometimes all you have, to stand out from other applicants, especially when you’re applying for a competitive position.

A good first impression can you set you apart from your competition, while a bad one can send your job application to the trash can. According to experts, one of the best ways to nail an interview is to make sure you make a good impression on your interviewers with your appearance.

However, it is considered wise to dress conservatively for an interview, but allow your personality to shine through. Here are ten things that experts suggest you should never wear to an interview:

Revealing Clothes

Revealing clothes have the tendency to offend potential employers, whether you’re a male or a female. Button your shirt to the top so that it doesn’t reveal any inappropriate part of the body; ladies should also keep in mind the length of their skirts.

Baggy Clothes

While you should be careful about not wearing clothes that reveal too much, it is important to keep in mind that clothes that do not fit at all and are too baggy will also damage your image. Ensure that your interview clothes fit you perfectly.


Hats are considered sloppy and unprofessional; one reason why our teachers always asked us to take them off before entering class.

Extra Jewelry

If you usually wear a lot of jewelry, consider taking some of it off for interviews, as they are a major cause of distraction. For women, earrings and necklaces should be simple and small, and make sure to not wear more than one ring in each hand. You can find some amazing pieces at ARY D’PO. Men should stay away from accessories and jewelry when going for interviews.


No matter how casual the environment is at your potential new workplace, stick with professional interview attire. Not only does it exude an air of professionalism, it also shows that you are serious about the job and are dedicated and wearing a denim wardrobe won’t help a bit.

Poor Footwear

Most interviewers are experts at judging candidates by their attire; and especially by the shoes one wears. Do NOT wear sneakers or sandals to an interview, no matter how casual or relaxed the workplace environment is.


Letterman jackets and varsity jackets should only be worn if you’re going to an interview for the position of a sports instructor or athlete. For almost all other jobs, wear a professional coat.

Graphic Tees

Interviews aren’t as conservative as they used to be some time back, but that still doesn’t mean you can wear your favorite graphic tee to the meeting.

Stained Clothing

Almost everyone has been through this at least once: wearing stained or crippled clothes to the interview because you spilled breakfast on your way out or overslept and couldn’t iron your shirt. Make sure you go all polished and properly dressed for your interview.


Be as professional as you can. That means getting rid of or hiding any accessories that are not needed in the interview room. Make sure you leave your sunglasses at home or in your car.

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Zyana Morris is a passionate fashion and lifestyle blogger.