3 Common Myths About Distance Learning that Should be Dispelled

A lot of people had a pejorative view of distance learning not too long ago. Then came the advent of online colleges. Those have slowly gained some recognition over the years and are much more respected by the public, however, distance learning at the high school and elementary level is still seen as marginal.

Image: Pixabay

How ironic that what was considered marginal just a few months ago could suddenly become the new normal from now on. For parents who are still new to the concept, it might be hard to adapt to this new reality. Others might have tons of misconceptions about distance learning that may make them apprehensive. However, it’s important that they’re well informed so they can have a clearer view of what distance learning is exactly and set the right expectations for themselves and their children. Here are some of the most common myths about distance learning and the truth behind them.

Distance Classes have no Physical Activity Component

If you’re afraid that your child won’t be able to get enough activity and that you’ll have to organize physical ed yourself, know that there are ways to incorporate physical activity into distance learning. They often use virtual activity programs combined with kits to add a physical component to their classes. These programs sometimes focus solely on physical activity while others will have an academic element embedded into them. Others will teach skills like juggling, for instance. These allow students to stay active and allows them to work on additional skills in the process.

Interactions are Limited in Online Classes

A lot of people assume that there will be a barrier between the teacher and the student, and between students in online classes. In reality, the video conferencing tools that are used are very sophisticated and allow students to communicate freely and easily with others and their teaching staff. Some teachers even stated that they were able to learn more about their students through this format. This could also be a helping tool for students that might be shyer in a traditional class environment.

Online Courses are Light Versions or Regular Classes

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Online classes are just as rigorous as any other class and they surely aren’t easier. Those that follow the public school curriculum will teach to the same standard as any other school in the state. Not only that, but while some kids might like the idea of not having to go to school for a while, they might find it even more challenging to get to work with so many distractions around. So, in some cases, these classes may actually be more challenging, and some might need some time to become adapted to this new form of learning.

These are just some of the common myths about distance learning. Make sure that you learn as much as you can about what distance learning is and isn’t, and don’t hesitate to ask your school if you still have any concerns.