3 Ways Wrinkles Affect a Woman’s Happiness

Image: Pixabay

There are many reasons a woman may not be happy. Numerous professionals in the cosmetic industry feel a woman’s happiness is connected to her looks, which is not true for all women, but some.

Wrinkles are a fact of life and no amount of lotions, potions, exercise, or miracle cures can erase the line life placed on your face. Of course, looking your best can help you feel better about yourself and your life. And when one feels better about themselves, they do better. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Many women seek specialized help for their skin. You may find Botox treatments that work for you, but they might not help everyone. A certified medical professional can help erase the years, along with the wrinkles using Botox and various other options.

Here are 3 ways wrinkles affect a woman’s happiness:

1. Loss of Youth

When a woman ages, she may feel bad and grieves her youth. The young woman she used to be, before her life became filled with schedules, a career or work, and taking care of everyone. She may look in the mirror and see an older woman and the wear and tear on her face and many wrinkles.

Wrinkles are a sign of a life well-lived, however, not all women feel this way. They see it as a sign they are aging and perhaps the end of their life is coming. Turning wrinkles into a grateful event can help a woman regain the happiness within herself.

2. Stress

There is a direct link between stress and the aging process. Worrying about family, financial concerns, health issues, work-life, home-life, and a million other things can show up on a woman’s face. Frown lines are not the only result of stress. Aging or brown spots, as well as deep lines around the mouth, eyes, and nose, can create the look of aging.

Of course stress is unavoidable, however, accepting the lines of experience on your face can help with the stress of growing older. Looking at wrinkles as life experiences or laugh lines instead of a sign of aging can help a woman’s overall perspective on her life. 

3. Self-esteem

Let’s face it, the world revolves around beautiful people. The media and society, in general, have trained people to look for and want those individuals that look a certain way, beautiful and seemingly flawless. It is a shame to put such high regard on outer looks and less on the inner person, the kindness and inner beauty people hide from the world.

Self-esteem is not something that can be learned or taught. It can be gained in the little, everyday goals met and celebrated. A woman’s past, along with what she is dealing with in her present day, all contribute to her self-worth. It is hard to look at life differently after years of seeing things one way.

Ultimately, beauty is something on the inside. The amount of wrinkles on a face is merely showing experience and a life well-lived. When society places more value on inner beauty rather than outer looks, there will be fewer unhappy women, and people in general.