30 Frugal Date Night Ideas

30 Frugal Date Night Ideas #FeelTheLove #CG

30 Frugal Date Night Ideas

When I first got married to my husband, we always made it a point to make sure that we made ample time for date nights. We would set aside at least one date where we leave the kids with a family member overnight so that we could have a bit of time for ourselves. Fast forward to when my youngest son was born in 2011, our date nights slowed down because we had an infant to care for at the time. I was breastfeeding him at the time so it made leaving him harder for me especially after working for a week. Now that he is 4 years old, getting out for date night is a bit easier but it doesn’t always happen. We have had to get creative and find alternative ways to schedule our “dates”.

Dating during marriage is super important and gives us a chance to reconnect with our spouse. It is so easy to get caught up with life and we forget to nurture that relationship. Today, I wanted to share with you some frugal ways to connect with your spouse.

  1. Grab takeout from your favorite restaurant and bring it home. Light some candles and let your kids play in their room for a bit (serve them their favorite food).
  2. Have a picnic.
  3. Go exploring in the car.
  4. Go to the drive in movie.
  5. Enjoy a game of geocaching.
  6. Head to the park and go for a walk.
  7. Put the kids to bed 30 minutes early and enjoy a movie together.
  8. Go hiking, don’t forget your camera too.
  9. Head to the local thrift shop and see what type of goodies that you can find.
  10. Schedule a lunch date (especially if the kids are in school).
  11. Watch the sunrise or sunset together.
  12. Get a baby sitter for an hour or two and go out for dessert.
  13. Plan a surprise scavenger hunt.
  14. Volunteer at the soup kitchen or help with the homeless.
  15. Kick the kids off the game console and find a two player game to play with your spouse.
  16. Dust off your favorite board game and play a game together.
  17. Take a cooking class together.
  18. Pick an item off your bucket list and go enjoy a day for yourselves.
  19. Head to the beach and go look for seashells.
  20. Start a DIY project together.
  21. Tour a museum together.
  22. Find a book that you can read together. You can take turns reading a page at a time out loud.
  23. Work a jigsaw puzzle together.
  24. Take the dog to the dog park.
  25. Find a walking trail and enjoy a nice stroll together while holding hands.
  26. Watch the game together.
  27. Turn off your cell phone and snuggle up on the couch together while watching a movie.
  28. Don’t have a bucket list started yet? Sit down with a travel book and start writing out your bucket list.
  29. Make your favorite meal together.
  30. Create your own spa day at home and take turns pampering each other.

Intimacy is an important part of marriage and it is a great way to bond with your spouse. There are a ton of ways that you can connect with your spouse on an emotional level and it doesn’t have to always lead to doing the deed between the sheets. Yes, sex is important as it helps us bond with our spouse, helps us take care of our spouses needs, and it is responsible for reproducing and creating families.

How to Remain Initmate with Your Spouse Date Night Ideas

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It is important to remain intimate with your spouse even when you are busy with life’s demands. It allows you to remain connected with your spouse. Intimacy helps keep you and your spouse communicating and helps you let your guard down so that you can share your feelings. Date nights are a great way to reconnect with your spouse but here are a few other ideas too.

  • Talking to Your Spouse – Having conversations and sharing your feelings with your spouse will allow you to connect with your spouse emotionally.  You can discuss anything that is bothering you or your spouse.  In fact, just talking to your spouse can bring you closer together.
  • Find Things You Both Enjoy and Do It – Participating in activities that you enjoy together is a great way to have fun and connect with your spouse.  This can be used for a date activities or it can be things that you enjoy as a family, if you have children.  Finding common ground in your relationship will help you and your spouse to overcome your disability and give each one of you something to look forward to doing together as a couple or a family.
  • Spend Time With Your Spouse – It is important that you make time to spend with your spouse alone. There are activities that you can do that don’t involve having sex and these activities can be just as fulfilling as sexual intercourse.  Plus, it can help you and your spouse maintain a close and intimate relationship.  Some examples of activities that you and your spouse can do alone that don’t involve sexual intercourse are: hugging, holding hands, snuggling, kissing, taking a bath together, massage, and anything else that you and your spouse enjoy together.
  • Alternative Sexual Intimacy – You can use one or more of these alternative ways to create intimacy with your spouse: masturbation, touching, oral sex, and some couples choose to introduce products such as Fiera® (it is a great simulator for women) into their relationship.  I know that it is often difficult to talk about these alternative solutions but they can help you keep the spark alive in the bedroom.

More information about Fiera®:

  • Fiera® is a small, fast acting, hands-free product that is designed to encourage blood flow and lubrication, warming up women’s body for a more satisfying intimate experience.
  • Fiera® is a new class of product that’s for “before-play,” using a unique combination of soft suction and stimulating vibration to bring back that feeling of wanting to have sex.
  • Women’s sexual wellness is not addressed as often as it should be. As we all face times that we lack desire, time or effort to engage with our loved ones, we should not be embarrassed about our sexual drive (or lack thereof!)
  • Fiera® recognizes that women may need an extra touch, as we call it ‘before-play,’ to help get your mind and body in the mood.
  • I personally feel that my mind often races when I get into the bedroom. When my mind is racing, I sometimes have trouble concentrating on getting in the mood. Fiera has helps me get in the mood and focus on improving my life between the sheets. I do suffer from chronic pain so it is often more difficult to get into the mood due to increased pain. I will continue to use this product to help me get in the mood and remain intimate with my husband.

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Which frugal date night idea are you going to try first with your spouse?

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    It’s important to rekindle your relationship and work on it with your husband to “keep the fire burning”. Love the ideas for date night!

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    I have always wanted to try geocaching. Sounds fun

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    Who doesn’t love a date night out! My hubs and I try once a month! Love the picnic idea!