4 Tips On How Parents of Young Kids Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day


It’s a dance as old as the human race – this dance of love. Valentine’s Day on 14 February receives its fair share of media hype, and even though its a much commercialized day, lovers around the world go full out with their efforts to tell their other half that they love them.

Parents of young kids may feel somewhat out of things on Valentine’s Day. They may feel that the romantic, sexual love reserved for childless lovers is no longer their realm. Many parents of young kids take comfort from the words of their older parents – ‘Love gets bigger when its shared’ and there are lots of fun things to share to make Valentine’s Day special.

Valentine’s Day needn’t be just for lovers. If you’re a parent, you can celebrate the day with anyone you love, and in this case, its your kids.

Consciously Changing the Way you Perceive Valentine’s Day

As parents, you transmit values to your children through your own attitudes and behavior towards the day.  If you celebrate Valentine’s Day by simply exchanging expensive gifts and little else, it is likely that your children will associate the day with just an exchange of gifts. Rather try to make the day extraordinary for your  kids, and do things during the day where you can show appreciation for one another.

Crafty Fun

Having a craft hour with your children is cool if you want to encourage your kids to make their own cards. For more active ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of entertaining and action packed attractions for kids and their parents, and you can view a selection of these attractions and events by surfing the web

Some parents try to steer their children away from some of the ‘shallow’ concepts of Valentine’s Day. They want them to use it as an opportunity to express their love to others. They bake some valentine goodies and with their hand-crafted cards, deliver them to a family member who is old and feeling unwanted, unloved and unnoticed.

Cook up a Storm

If you no longer go out to dinner, you no longer buy chocolates, wine and red roses after the first baby has arrived, you can opt to use Valentine’s Day to show your children how precious they are to you and how glad you are to have them in your life.

Choose some exotic cuisine that your children have never tried, such as Portuguese or Spanish. Put on some hand-made paper aprons and all prepare it together. You’ll all enjoy the united camaraderie, and your children will love having you all to themselves.

Formula for a Meaningful Valentine’s Day

Take your kids on a fishing trip,  take them swimming and allow them to enjoy the fun-filled activities with water slides and pools, take them to a rugby match, to one of the many animal-rescue organizations – whatever – just do something unique and uncharacteristic for you all. Who knows, by stepping out of your comfort zone on Valentine’s Day spend quality time with your kids, it can be the start of a whole new approach to your role as parents, and in teaching your children what your love is all about.

You’ll find that Valentine’s Day becomes more refreshing and gratifying than you ever believed possible.

Do tell us what you have planned for Valentine’s Day.