6 Ways You and Your Children Can Spread Some Happiness This Fall

6 Ways You and Your Children Can Spread Some Happiness This Fall

6 Ways You and Your Children Can Spread Some Happiness This Fall

As we head into the fall months, spread some cheer with those around you by performing some easy acts of kindness. We could all do with a smile or a random act of generosity, and you never know when somebody will return the favor in the future.

Give a Child a Smile

Bake some delicious fall treats and drop them off at your local children’s hospital, and request the nurses pass out a treat to each child currently in the throes of disease or injury. The children and their parents are sure to be touched, and you’ll be providing a ray of light in a hard situation.

A Little Bit of Positivity

We’ve all had those down-in-the-dumps days, and it can feel impossible to pull yourself out of them. Help anyone dealing with a day like this with a message of positivity or compliments they won’t expect. Write sweet messages on post-it notes and distribute them throughout your office building, a local department store, or adhere to public fences for a surprise that will inspire a smile.

Pay for the Person Behind You

As Starbucks and other coffee chains roll out their holiday specials, you’ll no doubt be waiting in longer lines for your morning cup of coffee. Instead of getting stressed about the wait, make fall even cheerier by paying for the drink of the person behind you. This small act of kindness may change their entire morning around and hopefully they’ll pass their good cheer onto others!

Pay Off Layaway Items

As we get further into the fall months, many families are heading out and finding the items they’d like to give to their loved ones for Christmas. Many stores offer layaway programs, where guests can choose to put their purchases on hold until they can pay them off. Take a page from Kris Kringle and go into stores that offer layaway for the holidays. If you talk to guest service, you will often have the ability to randomly pay off a little or all, if you can afford to, of people’s purchases. This makes for a heartwarming surprise when they come in later and realize their Christmas presents were taken care of by a mysterious guardian angel—you!

Visit an Elderly Home

How can you be sad when there are Gerbera daisies around? This happy flower is a natural smile bringer, so help spread some cheer and a little brightness for the cooler months with these vibrant blooms. Send a bouquet to a local convalescent home to spread some fall cheer. Have the nurses bring a flower to each of the residents. Consider physically visiting a home as well, and make the days brighter for those who aren’t able to celebrate it the way they used to. The holidays can be lonely, especially for those in a residence who do not receive visitors. Spend some time talking with the people you meet and learn a thing or two from those who have been around the block a time or two.

Thanksgiving Feast

The biggest holiday in the fall season is Thanksgiving, and the sad fact is many go without being able to afford a delicious feast. Head to your local grocery store to pick up some Thanksgiving meal fixings and drop them off at a local food bank. You can also talk to local churches to find out if there are families in need who you could prepare a meal for. Making a delicious meal we often take for granted is the perfect way to help those less fortunate celebrate the season.

The Umbrella Fairy

As the weather changes and temperatures cool down, many may be unprepared and get caught unawares in rain storms. The homeless are especially vulnerable to this. Purchase some inexpensive umbrellas and pass them out to those in need. You may help them avoid sickness this fall, and keep them a bit more protected throughout the winter season as well.

Donate Old Items

Go through your closet and your children’s closet to search for old winter clothing that you may have outgrown. Compile it all into a bag and drop off at a local women’s shelter or homeless shelter to help outfit those who could use a little bit of warmth this season.

Every little act you perform this fall could be the catalyst that sets into effect a beautiful pattern of good deeds. Put a smile on the faces of those around you with little random acts of kindness that will help your community and make you feel wonderful.

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Do you model acts of kindness in front of your children? Do you get them to help you out?

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