6 Ways to Get More Coconut Oil into Your Diet

6 Ways to Get More Coconut Oil into Your Diet

In Snacks or Treats

Baked goods, granola, popcorn are perfect opportunities to replace butter or vegetable oil with coconut oil. When you bake, it is a 1:1 ratio so you don’t have to do any adjustments, and neither does your palate! Some people report that food can even taste “less burnt”.

In Cooking

Most users of coconut oil have substituted it place of their usual cooking oil of choice. They simply start using coconut oil when their recipes call for it and cook it as normal.They claim it’s more fragrant and flavorful, especially with stir-fried vegetables. Part of this is due to the high “smoke point” of coconut oil, which is the point at which it begins to burn.

In Mayonnaise

Try making homemade mayonnaise! You just need to mix coconut oil in with your eggs, salt, and olive oils to create a fresh batch of coconut oil-based mayonnaise. In the process you’ll receive a great dose of good kind of fats without artificial additives and ingredients!


While we don’t currently offer coconut oil in capsules, we are exploring the idea. We eventually want to be able to get coconut oil in capsule form so one can take it as food without the smell, taste, or texture. However, this is just being developed and not available from us yet.

Try Skinny Coconut Oil

Curious about coconut oil, how it tastes and if it does deliver as many benefits as most of its user claim it to do? Try Skinny Coconut Oil. It is 100% guaranteed pure, extra virgin coconut oil. It will change your life! Our virgin coconut oil is never heated, which is how it fully retain its natural properties.

Have you tried adding coconut oil to your daily routine?


4 responses to “6 Ways to Get More Coconut Oil into Your Diet”

  1. Cathy @ Our Mini Family Avatar

    I love putting coconut oil in smoothies! My mom started doing it a few years back, and now I try to incorporate it whenever I can.

    1. Christy Avatar

      That is awesome, I figured that oil in smoothies would give it an icky film.

  2. Touristmeetstraveler Avatar

    It’s amazing how popular coconut oil has been getting, more people have been wanting to implement it into their diets.

    1. Christy Avatar

      Yes, I have noticed the trend. 🙂