8 Ways to Help a First-Time Mom

8 Ways to Help a First-Time Mom

8 Ways to Help a First-Time Mom

First-time motherhood is an exciting, wonderful, exuberant…and very scary time. Help the new mom in your life settle into her role and provide care in any way she needs. Start with these sweet helpful tasks and let her know you’re there for her every step of the way.

Brighten the Hospital Room

Schedule a flower delivery once she goes into labor, and have a bouquet sent to the hospital. If she’s already home, send her a beautiful arrangement straight to her door. The bright blooms will bring a smile to her face and a cheeriness to her space. This thoughtful but easy gift will let her know you’re thinking of her and congratulate her on this exciting new time in her family’s life.

Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

First-time moms are navigating the path of parenthood and may be following a parenting style recommended by this or that professional. No matter your thoughts, unless the practice is harmful to the child, it’s not your place to detract or judge her chosen style. Parenting is different for everyone, and she needs to discover her own technique without the interference of outside sources. Do not criticize her—always lift her up in this sometimes scary period. Reassurance can help her get through the sleepless nights, so act as her personal cheerleader whenever you can.

Offer to Run Errands

While her baby registry may have covered most of the necessities, what new mom hasn’t realized there’s a certain item she needs to make life that much easier? Before visiting, ask the new mama if she needs you to pick up any necessities, like toilet paper, baby wipes, or food staples. We all know leaving the house with a newborn is no easy task, and more often than not, those chores simply don’t get done. You’ll save her the stress of wrapping the baby (and baby’s necessary materials) to go out, and give her a reprieve from the hectic grocery store.

Don’t Let the Help Wane

New mothers aren’t just overwhelmed for the first couple of weeks. The adjustment period lasts over a period of months, but visitors and helpers tend to taper off way before that point comes. Make sure you continue to provide support as the weeks go on. She will always appreciate the extra help, and as anyone with kids knows, it’s a never-ending learning process.

Help From Afar

If the new mom in question is too far for you to visit or if you can’t make the trek as often as you’d like, set her up with a subscription service that takes care of some of life’s everyday tasks or provides her with an extra burst of indulgence on tough days. You can send along a subscription for a housecleaning service, or provide weekly deliveries of organic produce.

Thank You Notes

New babies bring out a host of well wishes and gifts, but one less-than-satisfactory part of this for new moms is the overload of thank you notes she may feel compelled to write. If that’s the case, spend the day scribbling some sweet sentiments for her, or watch the baby for an afternoon while she sits down to write them herself. These notes can loom over her head to create unnecessary stress, and getting them out of the way will help her breathe easier.

Meal Prep Helper

Head over to her house with a full meal, prepped and ready to go. Make sure you prepare and cook everything in your home; the last thing she needs is a new mess in her kitchen. Follow an easy recipe, like a casserole, and use a disposable dish so she doesn’t have to worry about clean-up afterwards. Make plenty so she will have leftovers to stick in her freezer. Not only will you help her with one dinner this week, but she’ll have food ready in a pinch later on. If you have other friends who’d like to get involved, utilize a website like mealtrain.com and specify favorite foods, restaurants, and grocery staples they can get for the new mom and dad.

Give Her A Relaxing Break

No one deserves a day of pampering more than a new mom. Book her a treatment at a local spa, or sign her up for a delightful massage. Always ask first, of course, as she may not be ready to be away from her little one. If that’s the case, offer to go with her to the spa center and look after the baby while she receives her treatment. A day dedicated to her will go a long way in reenergizing her for weeks to come.

A new baby brings all sorts of joy, and helping out the new mom in your life will make the parenthood learning process feel that much easier. These easy tasks will help her stay confident, happy, and strong during the weeks and months to come.

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How did other’s help you when you were a first-time mom?

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