Bicycle Safety Tips to Teach Your Children

Did you know that the best age to learn how to ride a bike is between the ages of two and eight years old? One of the most important things to teach your children when they start riding bicycles for kids is to know about bicycle safety. Wearing a helmet is a great start as is getting the best bicycles, but there are other bicycle safety tips that you need to know.

These tips are essential for riding safety that will allow you to have peace of mind when your kids are out riding their bikes in the neighborhood. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to learn about these helpful bike safety tips.

Continue reading this article to learn everything you need to know about bicycle safety for your children.

Always Wear a Helmet

First things first, always make sure that your kids are wearing helmets when they’re out riding bikes. It doesn’t matter if it is a baby first bike or a rugged mountain bike, wearing a helmet is at the heart of bicycle safety. The majority of people killed on bicycles are killed because they aren’t wearing a helmet. Always remember to protect your noggin.

Wear Bright Clothes

Another great bicycle safety tip that you should teach your kids when they’re playing with outdoor toys like bikes is to wear bright clothing. Bright clothing will make your children stand out when they’re riding their bikes. This lowers the chance that drivers won’t see them when they’re out and about.

Don’t Ride at Night

Letting your children ride their bikes at night is asking for disaster to strike. Many bike-related injuries occur from riding bikes at night. Make sure that you teach your children that it is dangerous to ride their bikes at night. This is another one of the key bicycle safety tips to remember.

Stay On the Sidewalk

It isn’t always possible, but where there is a sidewalk you should teach your children to stay on it. It is much safer for your children to ride their bikes on the sidewalk compared to the road. Major roads should have bike lanes or shoulders large enough to accommodate bikes, but it is still dangerous getting that close to passing cars.

A sidewalk has a buffer zone and sometimes even a curb that will help to keep your children safe when they’re riding their bicycles.

Look Out for Cars in Driveways

Another common safety hazard for your kids and their bikes is vehicles that are in driveways. It might not look like they’re starting to back up until it is too late. It is also difficult for drivers to see kids on bikes if they come from the side and cut through the driveway.

This is a perfect recipe for an accident and injuries. Teach your children about the bicycle safety of avoiding cars in driveways when riding their bikes.

Start Teaching These Bicycle Safety Lessons to Your Kids Today

Bicycle safety is essential for anyone that wants to learn how to ride a bike. Riding a bike is dangerous, especially near busy roads. Always use the sidewalk when there is one available and teach your kids to wear bright clothing when they ride their bikes. They also should always remember to wear a helmet and avoid riding their bikes at night.

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