Book Review: Discovering You by Melissa Kean

Discovering You“Discovering You” is an excellent read and I highly recommend it.  The book is a bit longer than most books and it is divided into three sections.  Once I started reading this book, I could hardly put it down.  It was full of twists and turns which kept the book interesting in its entirety.  The book took place during the winter of 1812 in Southern England in an area called Daleford Manor.  As the book begins, you will learn about Nicholas Davenport and his late wife, Marie, lived at Daleford Manor and it has been five years since Marie passed away.  Nicholas is a very quite and reserved man.  In fact, he doesn’t have many servants left in his house.

Nicholas lives in a huge mansion and he has had no interest in it’s upkeep since Marie died, in fact, most of the rooms have been neglected for many years.  Nicholas decides to fix up the library in his home, which was his wife’s favorite room in the house in attempt to face his past.  Nicholas contacts Mr. Howard, his tutor while growing up and requests the help from his daughter, Lucinda.  She will accept the job to fix the library with her good childhood friend and co-worker, Ben.  Ben will be accompanying her on this journey to Daleford Manor look after her.

Once Lucy and Ben arrive at Nicholas’s home in Daleford Manor, they meet with Nicholas who is expecting Lucy and has recently hired 3 servants to attend to her need during the duration of her stay.  After a good night’s rest, Lucy meets with Nicholas the next day and he shows her what he wants done in the library.  Lucy finds a manuscript while cleaning the library and tucks it into her notebook so that she can read it later in the privacy of her own room.  Things take a turn for the worse when she looks out the library window and sees a hurt fox.  She takes off after the fox in an attempt to save it and notices a woman standing at the edge of the forest.  Nicholas happens to see Lucy and goes outside to save her from the woman.  At first Nicholas thinks that Lucy is just hallucinating and didn’t think that she really saw someone at the edge of the forest.  She goes back and forth with him and he finally accepts the fact that she did see someone, when he realizes that it is Sylvia Flores, Marie’s mother.

Nicholas knows that Lucy is now endanger and he travels about three hours from home to meet with Mr. Moore, his dad’s late friend, to discuss getting rid of Sylvia.  After, meeting with Mr. Moore and spilling details from the past, Nicholas realizes that Sylvia wants to kill Lucy.  He knows that Lucy is almost finished with the library and will return to her home soon.  In the mean time, Lucy gets a letter from her dad saying that he is having a hard time running the book store by himself.  So Lucy, decides to hurry up and finish the work in the library so that she can return home to her father on Christmas day.  Nicholas’s servants beg Lucy to attend a ball on Christmas eve, before she is scheduled to return home.  After Nicholas returns home from his visit with Mr. Moore, he finds that Lucy has already left Daleford Manor and Carl tells him that she is at the ball.  So he goes to the ball and offer’s Lucy another job, so that he can get Sylvia captured.

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  1. Lexie Lane Avatar

    I love period pieces! This is definitely a MUST read for me! I’ve just bookmarked it! Thanks for sharing Christy!