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Breastfeeding Moms: Treat the Signs and Symptoms of Thrush

baby sleepingI am thankful that I never experienced any signs or symptoms of thrush while I was breastfeeding my three children. I do remember seeing some of the ladies on the Baby Center Forum that had cases of thrush and it is supposedly painful and hard to get rid of without proper treatment.

Some ,other’s who breast feed their baby may encounter a yeast infection on their nipples or on their breasts. It is called thrush which is just a common yeast that is found in your babies digestive system.  If you suspect that you or your baby has thrush, it is important that you and the baby get treated at the same time in. This will help prevent your or your baby from  spreading thrush back and forth to each other.

Disclosure: This post is for informational purposes. I am not a lactation consultant or a certified breastfeeding expert. The opinions in this post are based upon my own experiences.

What are the signs and symptoms of thrush?

If you have any of these symptoms you should be checked by a doctor or health care provider:

  • While you are breastfeeding, if you experience a deep, burning sensation.  You may also feel the pain after you have finished a breastfeeding session.
  • Your nipples appear to be red, itchy, shiny, or burn.  Ensure that your nipples aren’t cracked.
  • Yeast infection vaginally

If your baby exhibits any of these symptoms, you should take your baby to be checked out by a doctor or health care provider:

  • Mouth will have white patches that can’t be wiped off.  Don’t mistake milk reside on the tongue as yeast.  If your baby has white patches, it will be in multiple places.
  • Your baby doesn’t want to suck the breast, bottle, or pacifier.
  • Has a horrible diaper rash that is red, raised rash.  It will also have very distinct borders and will be very tender when touched.

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