Breastfeeding: Proper Latching Technique and Positions for Feeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding your baby might be challenging especially if your a new mom who has never been exposed to breastfeeding before.  The hardest part to breastfeeding is getting your baby to latch on to the breast properly.  If your baby doesn’t latch on to the breast properly it can cause your nipples to get very sore and your baby won’t be able to adequately get milk from your breast.  Proper latching will increase your chances of success and make breastfeeding more enjoyable for both mom and baby.

Disclosure:  This post is for informational purposes only.  I am not a lactation consultant or a doctor. 

Proper Latching Techniques

To ensure that your baby is latching on properly, follow these steps:

  • Hold baby near your breast and when the baby opens his or her mouth place your nipple into the back of their mouth.
  • As your baby sucks, it will release milk from the sinus cavities in the breast that lie behind the nipple.  Your baby’s gums will gently compress the sinus cavities during the sucking motion.
  • Your baby’s tongue should be visible on the bottom side of the nipple.  And if you watch your baby you will see that the tongue moves back and forth slightly while they are sucking.  A baby’s lips should be turned outward similar to a fish face.
  • The baby should be sucking on part of the areola and not just the nipple.  If you notice that your baby is only sucking on the nipple, unlatch and start over.

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