Buying Toys According to the Child’s Age

Choosing the right toy for your child can always be a tricky business. You have to choose something that your child will find interesting and that is safe and appropriate for his or her age. Many toys get looked over by a child simply because they were bought earlier than they were supposed to. Kids like different things at certain age and you should have that on mind while buying toys for them. Be sure to check out the following tips on how to choose the right the right toy for the right age.


If you are buying toys for an infant you should be aware of the fact that the newborns re still working on discovering their own body and still learning how to grasp. At this age, movement is something that they find very interesting and are even fascinated with. Baby mobiles are the toys that every baby has to love. Babies love to observe the movement of mobiles from their cribs and can stare at it for quite a long time without even noticing anything else. Rattles can also be a good idea as this is something that can be kept close to them and can help them practice their grasping. Both mobiles and rattles are perfect toys for the newborns.

Older Babies

Once they are six months old babies like to hold toys in their hands. Not only that, but this is when they start to transfer things from one hand to the other. So at this age, a perfect toy would be anything colorful that a baby can hold. Of course, it has to be something that the baby will find interesting enough and want to hold. So anything like colorful pretend keys or gummy ducks can be the right choice for this age. Also they like things that can be put in and out of a container since they are fascinated with transferring objects. So, some colorful boxes with something interesting in it can really hold the attention of a 6-month-old.

Babies Up to 18th Month

When they are little older, babies do not longer only hold things and observe them but now start to predict the results and ready to do something to make those results become true. Toys that can be pushed or pulled are something that they will find very interesting. Usually, you’ll be able to find some kind of animal on wheels tied to a rope that your child can pull or push as much he or she likes. At this age they also like to experiment with shapes and sizes. So, they are quite happy when they are playing with things such as nesting cups or shape-sorters.


It is a bit easier to choose a toy for a toddler. At this age they like anything that is “pretend”. For example, little trucks and cars can be something that they will be happy to play with. Also, they find dolls and stuffed animals interesting as well. You can also find small kitchen sets and tools for your child as they will enjoy playing with any of these. You can also find costumes to dress up your child or even dress up yourself and hear them laugh when they see you.


Once they are older, kids are at the most creative part of their childhood. They will always think of some new game to play and something new to do. Most of these games will still be “pretend” of something they had an opportunity to see. So, they may like little plastic animals to play farm with or a doctor kit set so they can pretend they are doctors. Anything like that will be great for them. Not to mention that there is a bunch of interesting toys and figures they’ll be fascinated with. There are pop vinyl figures in Australia that you child will definitely adore. At this age, they’ll spend most of their time playing and you can never have enough of things like this.

It is quite useful to know all of this as you don’t want to buy toys you child won’t use for a couple of years more. You’ll want to find something appropriate that is going to hold the attention of your child. In addition to all of this, you should always check the box of the toy you are buying and you’ll find out for the children of what age the toy has been made. Safety always comes first, so be sure not to give your child anything that they can hurt themselves with or anything small that they might put inside their mouths. Be sure that every toy you buy is safe and interesting enough for your child.

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What is your child’s favorite toy?

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