Christmas Decoration Trends for the 2015 Holidays

Christmas Decoration Trends for the 2015 Holidays

Christmas Decoration Trends for the 2015 Holidays

With November now fully underway, it is definitely time for our thoughts to turn to the holiday season, and everything that that means. Choosing and buying gifts, planning for food and guests on Christmas Day, and of course, decorating your home are all things that will creep up sooner than you might think, so why not start thinking about what your holiday decorations this year are going to be like a little in advance and get a decoration scheme in mind that will really wow your guests and delight the children!

Like most things in home décor, Christmas decorations do follow some trends, and if you are someone who chooses new decorations every year to make each Christmas unique and special, or you simply feel it is time to replace that dusty box of baubles you bring out every year with something more modern, then here are some of the trends to watch for your 2015 holiday decorating:

Minimalist Design

You may think a minimalist look isn’t very festive, but actually, it can look really stunning. If you choose bold things like the gorgeous nativity for your outdoor spaces you can get from Outdoor Nativity Store, you can create a striking look with just white light and plain shapes. Simple things indoors like classic taper candles in classic colors like white or red can add to a sophisticated, minimalist style, and you can try decorating your tree with white lights and simple, plain baubles in just one or two accent colors. This is a very elegant ‘grown up’ look that may not be what you have in mind for a family Christmas with children who may prefer a more fun, colorful design, but if you are celebrating with adults only or older teen children this tasteful look will be much appreciated.

Rustic and Homemade

If the minimalist look feels too sober for you and your family, another hot trend for Christmas decorations this year is a more rustic look. Try making your own wreaths out of foliage you can find on a crisp winter walk, or having your kids help to make pretty paper chains and snowflakes, or strings of popcorn for the tree. This can be a fun look to achieve and can also look surprisingly classy if you use lots of greenery and wood to get a really natural, wintery look.

Unusual Color Choices

Christmas is usually represented by red, green, gold and silver, and perhaps some white here and there to represent snow. If you want a really cool look for your 2015 Christmas décor, why not try going with a completely different color scheme, yet in traditional styles? Bright orange baubles and tinsel can look really nice, or why not try pastel blue, fluffy looking tinsel? Pretty lights, tinsel and ornaments are available in all kinds of colors these days, so why not choose a refreshing new color scheme to do traditional decorating with a twist?

These are just three ways to get a gorgeous look to your home this Christmas, and stay on trend!

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What is your favorite Christmas decoration?

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