Complete Guide to Pool Safety

Complete Guide to Pool Safety

Cover Up For the Winter

Hard retractable cover is the best available addition to the fence in terms of safety and practicality, although it can be a costly one. Nobody likes winter pool maintenance, which is quite understandable. Having such a cover will minimize the effort required to keep the pool clean, thus saving you time and money. You will be able to simply cover it up and not worry about leaves and dirt that inevitably haunt pools every autumn.

No Slipping, Please

As everyone who’s ever been near a pool knows, it is a slippery place. It simply accompanies water, so it is advisable to consider having a rubberized non-skid surface installed. You shouldn’t allow your kids to run around the pool, especially not after their getting out of the water. No surface can help there – an accident is bound to happen.

Kids and Rules

Although we’ve mentioned the importance of keeping kids in mind when devising your pool safety infrastructure and strategy, it is noteworthy to emphasize how important that really is. First off, never let young kids swim without an adult present. Secondly, all the rules in the world don’t mean a thing when they are loosely applied. Make sure that your children understand that their life may depend on following the rules you set and they are not to take them lightly. Having pool signage installed and learning basic CPR skills is also recommended, especially the latter one. It is very important for you to be equipped in preventing tragic consequences should an accident occur at some point, which is not impossible regardless of how much effort you put in securing you pool.

Embrace the Annoying Alarm

An obvious addition to the fence is an alarm system, which is also relatively inexpensive these days. Your alarm should have an outer and inner unit and you should be able to hear it in all parts of the house.
As soon as anyone (including your pets) disturbs the water surface enough, the alarm will be so loud and annoying that you won’t be able to miss it.

Keep it Clean and Accessorize

This applies not only to the pool itself, but to the area around it as well. Make sure you have a designated place for pool chemicals and another one for all the necessary accessories, such as floating equipment. Find a quiet corner and arrange it so kids and pets do not have access to anything potentially dangerous. Do not leave toys nor anything else lying around, as it is an accident waiting to happen.

Although implementing all of these safety measures may seem daunting, it is vital to take them seriously from the very start. If you set everything up properly and invest some time in educating yourself and your children, pool will is sure to bring much joy to you and your family.

Do you follow these safety rules for the swimming pool in your backyard?


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  1. Allan Morris Avatar

    Great tips on pool safety around the home. Drowning is definitely preventable. Educating children and family members on pool safety is a must like you mentioned. It’s important that adults make sure that the right pool fencing is put up that will keep pets and children away from the water when not swimming.