Crafting Fun Ribbon Toys for Kids

ribbonsLooking for a way to make toys for your kids without breaking the bank? Do you have some ribbon? If so, you can most likely whip together a toy in no time with your ribbon and items found around your house.

Dancing Ribbons

First, what is a dancing ribbon?

A dancing ribbon is a bunch of ribbons attached by a ring. This can enhance their gross motor skills and imaginative play by allowing them to form ideas in their minds of what these ribbons could transform into.

Now, what materials are needed?

  • Multiple pieces of Colorful Ribbon
  • Curtain Ring
  • Scissors

Next, how does one go about making this simple DIY craft?

  • Cut Long Pieces of Colorful Ribbon: Make these ribbons about double the length of the child to ensure that there is enough material to tie a knot.
  • Attach the Ribbon to the Curtain Ring : Tie a knot with each ribbon around the ring to securely attach each one.

Voila! You have an instant toy to not only entertain your child but help enhance their various skills at very little expense.

Ribbon Wands

Looking for an adorable DIY addition to a princess party or a cute toy for your own little princess? Look no further. These ribbon wands are sure to please.

So, what is a ribbon wand? A ribbon wand is a DIY type of princess wand that is inexpensive to make and serves well as a party favor or everyday princess toy.

What materials are needed for this craft?

  • Wooden Dowel
  • Satin Ribbon (in your color choice)
  • Eye Hook
  • Colorful Washi Tape
  • Scissors

Finally, what are the assembly steps?

  • Screw the Eye Hook into the top of the Dowel
  • Wrap the Wooden Dowel with the Washi Tape until fully covered
  • Cut (6) 12-Inch Ribbons of your color choice
  • Thread the Ribbons through the Eye Hook and secure with a knot

Now you are ready for any princess occasion that may come your way!

Boxed-Stitched Ribbon Bracelets

What are Boxed-Stitched Ribbon Bracelets? Boxed-Stitched Ribbon Bracelets are a type of DIY friendship bracelet. This may be a great idea for older kids or even teenagers to get them involved in a craft that they can give to their friends.

What materials are needed for these ribbon bracelets?

  • Grosgrain Ribbon: 8 Yards cut into four equal parts (2 yards each)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle and Thread
  • Glue (optional)

What are the steps to put your ribbon bracelet together?

  • Lay all ribbons flat in a cross pattern: Lay two ribbons horizontally and two vertically to create a cross pattern with intersecting points.
  • Glue or sew ribbons at intersecting points
  • Stitch together the ends of the bracelet: Use your needle and thread to stitch the ends to complete the bracelet.

Now you have a unique friendship bracelet for your kiddos to give their friends!

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This guest post contribution was made by The Ribbon Retreat, a crafting company specializing in all kinds and sizes of ribbon including grosgrain ribbon, chevron ribbon and sheer ribbon.

Photo By: Pixaby

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