Decorating Childs Room With Letters

Customize Your Child’s Room With Giant Letters

Decorating Childs Room With LettersOne of the hottest trends in bedroom decorating for children is personalized wall art that makes a bold statement, and giant letters offer a fun way to include a child’s name or favorite phrase in the decorating scheme. While the options are limitless for the size and type of letters you choose, it is important to carefully plan this do-it-yourself decorating project to maximize its appeal and showcase your creativity. So grab your glue gun and gather some inspiration for a fun hands-on project that will thrill your little one with their customized wall art.

Choose Your Word

Names are the most popular choice for decorating with giant letters, and they always look adorable hanging above a newborn crib or toddler bed. However, older children may have a favorite word or phrase that can be turned into personalized wall art. If you are feeling particularly industrious, you can even decorate an entire alphabet to hang around the room as a border. Whichever word you choose, make sure that it will fit into the desired area for hanging before selecting your letters.

Decorate the Letters

Letters for wall art can be found pre-decorated or in solid colors that are perfect for hanging right away. Common lettering includes plastic, Styrofoam, wire, and even wooden letters. However, many people prefer to paint, decoupage or add decorative stickers to make sure their letters are unique. If you prefer to get extra crafty with your project, then simply choose a color and theme that works with the rest of the bedroom’s decorating scheme, and let your creativity run wild. Then, allow the letters to set before you finish with adornments such as ribbons for hanging. If your children are old enough to help, then this is the perfect time to encourage them to get involved with the project.

Add Adornments

Once the base paint or collage material has been applied to the letters, then you will be ready to add adornments that will make the letters stand out. Fabric flowers are a popular choice for a girl’s room, or you can hot glue on wood pieces shaped like animals or sports equipment to fit into the bedroom’s theme. Accent bows can also be created from fold-over elastic or ribbon to add a three-dimensional adornment that will make the letters stand out.

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