The Do’s & Don’t s Of Courting

datingsiteToday is not like any other when it comes to courting and eventually getting married. It is tough for parents to even know how to lead their children or what to do when they start dating. It is hard enough for adults, but for teens and young adults it can get pretty crazy.

One thing that some people have tried and has become a lot more popular with the rise of social media and the internet is internet dating sites. This is a touchy subject for many as it should be.  There are some tips however if you ever find yourself delving out into the cruel world of prospecting your perfect match online. The following are some things to avoid in order to give you a lot better chance of success. Because let’s face it; whether you agree with it or not, online dating is here to stay.

  • being untruthful about yourself in your profile (whether it is some appearance or character features, or some points describing your life state)
  • getting too concerned about appearance and trying to present yourself as someone you are not
  • putting too much of attention to online communication instead of face to face
  • saying what they want to hear instead of what you actually mean (in order to take advantage)
  • hanging around just because there’s no one else for you to date
  • telling lies to get what you want even though you don’t know what that may be
  • trying too hard
  • being overly invested when the other person is not as convinced that you are the “one”

Those were the “don’t s”. Now let’s move into the “do’s” of relationships.

1. Be truthful about yourself

Every great relationship is based on trust. What you lie about now will be magnified that much worse once you are found out. Start on the right foot of being truthful and stay on that path for the whole relationship.

2. Be a gentleman.

It is not old fashion to be a gentlemen. Open the door and treat the woman you are courting as if she is worth a lot to you. Remember that being a nice guy is always a good thing.

3. Be honest about where you are headed

Don’t try to be someone you are not or promise something you are not willing to give or not willing to go. Manipulation when courting is never a good idea. The only way the relationship will work out is if everyone is on the same page.

4. Check your attitude

Be yourself but make sure you leave your bad attitude somewhere else. Everyone has a bad day but when you are courting your possible future wife you want to be sure she is talking to you and not the bad day you just had.

Have you every tried internet dating to find your significant other?

What would you do if your young adult child started to use the internet as a tool for dating?

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