Elves Need Exercise Too

I was really worried about Rascal when we went to bed last night.  He had way to much sugar over the past few days.  Last night I was talking to him before he left to go to the North Pole and he couldn’t sit still.  He was also being a huge chatter box and talking a mile a minute.  I could barely understand what he was saying and had to ask him to slow down.  I told Rascal that he really needed to lay off the sugar for a few days and that I was really worried about him.  I also told him that I was afraid that if he continued to eat high amounts of sugar that he would potentially pass out from a sugar coma.  Thankfully, when I woke up this morning when I woke up, I found him sitting on the exercise bike and didn’t find him consuming any more sugar.

I went to wake up the kids so that they could search for Rascal this morning.  My toddler enjoys searching for Rascal every morning.  Rascal puts a smile on his face every morning.

I found Rascal riding the exercise bicycle this morning.


 Elves need exercise too!


Rascal burning some energy.  I hope that he doesn’t think that he can after more sugar after his workout.


What will Rascal do next?  Check back to find out.