Feel Like You Are Always In Your Kitchen Sink Washing Your Breast Pump Parts And Accessories?

Purchase Additional Breast Pump Parts and Accessories

If you are a germaphobe and aren’t comfortable storing your breast pump parts in the refrigerator, rinsing them off, or using breast pump wipes, then you should purchase enough breast pump supplies for each pumping session so that you have clean parts throughout the day.  Then at the end of each day, you can wash all your breast pump accessories at one time.   Tip: It is wise to keep at least one extra set of breast pump parts on hand in case they break, if you end up having suction problems, if your tubing cracks, or if your membranes tear.  This will keep you from having to walk around with engorged breasts and running to the store at the last minute.

Buy Breast Pump Breast Pump Wipes

If you have to use your breast pump and there isn’t a refrigerator or a place to wash off your breast pump parts, then you can buy [amazon_link id=”B000CCXLNE” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” ]breast pump wipes[/amazon_link].  Breast pump wipes will allow you to clean your parts while on the go, especially, when there isn’t any water or place to wash your parts.  The wipes are specifically designed and are safe for using on your breast pump parts and accessories.  The wipes do not contain alcohol or bleach.  Breast pump wipes are great to carry in your breast pump bag for emergencies.

Steam Bags are Perfect for Sanitizing

Steam bags are another great way to clean your breast pump parts. The [amazon_link id=”B000096QQ5″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” ]steam bags[/amazon_link] require a minimal amount of water and a microwave.  To use the bags, you simply place your breast pump parts inside of the bag and then add the required amount of water.  Place the steam bag in the microwave.  Be sure to follow the instructions exactly to prevent damage to your parts or microwave.  The steam bag cleans your parts in about three minutes.  These bags are reusable and you can use them multiple times.

How do you clean your breast pump parts while you are at work?