Fitness Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Fitness Tips For A Better Pregnancy

Many women during their pregnancy days hear a number of advices from people. “Do not squat or lunges, as they can cause you preterm labor…”” I have not seen any women lifting weight before…”etc. All the pregnant women hear such sorts of advices during their pregnant days.

Fitness Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

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People are not sure about the pregnant women who exercises regularly. It was some 10 years ago, pregnant women were asked to keep their heartbeat under 140 by the American College of Gynecology and Obstetrics. While 30 years before, doctors said that running can cause the uterus to collapse. So there are many theories and advices that can cause confusion to pregnant women, especially those who are having the baby for the first time.

When it comes to pregnancy and exercise, they are good for the mom and well as for the baby.  It will help the mom to easily lose weight and have short labor while the baby will be physically resilient as well have less colic problem.  Apart from that, exercise keeps the moms less anxious as well as happier. So it is better for pregnant women to stay active. When it comes to exercises, do what you can and listen to your doctor. Stop doing something if your body hurts.

Fitness During Pregnancy

Photo Credit: Pregnancy.Org

First Trimester

When it comes to the first trimester, go on for the usual workout as long as you can. During this time your baby is very small and cardio, lifting weights, etc. are all good. It is the time when you will be tired,  will have sore breasts and have a very sensitive nose. You can go for brisk walk as it will help you to subside nausea and give you energy. In case you don’t feel good, don’t push yourself to that.

Second Trimester

This is the time when your baby bump starts to show up and you would look awesome in your maternity clothes. By this time, your uterus gets enlarged and puts pressure on your vena cava. So when you lay on your back you may feel dizzy or light headed. If such thing happens, then sit up. The best part of the second trimester is that now you will be relieved from the nausea and morning sickness. So you will feel some energy. This is the reason why you can again go for weight lifting and cardio and still feel good. Now during these exercises, make sure you take extra care of your health as chances are there that you can get injured due to the release of relaxin hormone.

Third Trimester

This is the time when things get serious as you will have swollen feet, heart burn as well as tiredness. It will become tough to remain active physically as well as mentally. So go for yoga poses as well as other activities where the risk of falling down is less. It is very difficult to indulge in activities like jogging or running. So better avoid doing them. You can go for walking as it is safe and will help in better labor.

Fourth Trimester

Here you will finish 40 weeks of pregnancy and you are on your way to labor. You will experience physical, hormonal as well as mental change during your early post-partum months. So this is the time to relax and take rest. Early exercise during this time may slowdown the fat losing process and chances are there that you can fall sick very easily. So better use this time to know your little one and take rest.

Make sure you exercise in moderation – not too much or too less. Take proper care of yourself. There are many products available in the market that will assist you to have better pregnancy period.

Did you exercise during your pregnancy?

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