Florida Facts: What You Need to Know Before Relocating to the Sunshine State


Everyone knows about the theme parks and the warm winters. But if you’re contemplating a move to Florida, it’s essential that you get to know it a little better before consulting a cross country movers guide . After all, the Sunshine State is notoriously transient for a reason–many people up and move there solely because they are sick of where they already live, which is not necessarily a good idea unless you’ve done your research beforehand.

So, as you start looking for homes for sale in Sarasota, here’s a quick primer to get you started:

It’s Not All Sunshine, All the Time

Yes, there are plenty of warm, sunshiny days to be had across Florida. But what you may not know is that there’s plenty of rain and thunderstorms, as well. In fact, Florida is considered the lightning capital of the US, with about 100 storming days a year. (Compare that to California’s average of 5, and you’ll start to see that there’s a whole lot of thunder and lightning happening in that Sunshine State.)

Humidity is a Real Thing

When planning a Florida relocation, it’s probably a good idea to budget an allowance for all new hair and makeup products. 90% humidity on a hot day can make you feel like you’re trying to walk through a swimming pool (or swamp) and that will most likely call for a whole new look–unless you’re ok with your face slipping off and melting down onto your shirt.

miami-beach-674068_1280It’s Big. And It’s Diverse–Get to Know it Before Settling on a Location

Florida is a big place. In fact South Florida and North Florida are different enough to be their own states–and neither one has anything to do with Disney World. Before you start searching for homes for sale in Sarasota or Miami, make sure you understand the area well.


walt-disney-world-239144_1280There’s So Much to Do

Florida is home to tons of historical sites (including the oldest city in America, St. Augustine) and plenty of opportunities to explore art and culture. Theme parks are great with a resident discount, but don’t dismiss museums like the Hemingway Home in Key West and St Petersburg’s Salvador Dali Museum.

And everyone knows Florida’s beaches are world-class. But there’s a whole lot more outdoor fun to take advantage of, including natural springs and over 160 state parks.

Your Couch Will Suddenly Seem Very Inviting

There’s no doubt that Florida is a popular tourist destination. And as such, it’s not surprising to find that once you move there, friends and relatives may come crawling out of the woodwork, looking for a place to crash when they’re in town.

But all of that tourism, especially in the winter months, is actually very good for the Floridian economy, so if you are planning on making FL home for the long term, then you might want to welcome them with open arms.

Abigail Moran worked as a real estate agent in Florida for several years, and has a vast understanding of the real estate industry as a whole having worked in it all her life.