Giving Assistant – Join the Latest Fun Shopping


I want to help others less fortunate than myself but quite frankly I’m so forgetful. But now I don’t have an excuse since I’ve discovered cashback sites. When you buy something from them, you get paid for it and somebody needy benefits at the same time. Whatever you buy – an amount is put into your cashback account which you can withdraw when you want. It sounds ridiculous I know, but you’re actually getting paid to shop!

Giving Assistant is a digital coupon marketplace. It has many retailers who have partnered with them and they provide coupon codes for these specialty online retailers. I did some research and found that they have in the region of 1890 cashback stores of which 1121 of these have the highest cashback rates in the market. They’re stores I know such as Macy’s, Vitamin World, AliExpress, Etsy, Amazon and others – stores which sell everything from clothes to food to health products to electronics, accessories, flowers and much more. Before you shop online at these stores, look at the GivingAssistant website. I found amazing store-specific discounts, deals and promotions. It’s free to join Giving Assistant too, and you get $5 right away after making your first purchase.

My Visit to Vitamin World

I love Vitamin World so I got the code from Giving Assistant, copied it and went back to Once I’d bought stuff, I selected ‘do you have a coupon code’ so as to apply the coupon code I copied from Giving Assistant.

I entered the coupon code, clicked ‘Apply’ and then verified my details and confirmed my order. I clicked on ‘Continue to Billing’ to enter my payment details and to complete my purchase.  An amount was then placed into my cashback site account.  I don’t have to wait for the vitamins to make me feel better – I feel awesome after my purchase just  by redeeming the coupon code during the checkout process and getting something back!

Giving Assistant is paid a commission by their retail partners such as Vitamin World whenever somebody like myself makes a qualifying purchase using a link from its website. They’ve got an agreement with each retailer. By shopping at Macy’s for instance you get 6% back on items you buy there. I know of many people who make plenty of Amazon purchases and who get 5% back on most items there. Just  check before you do shopping because I’ve heard for instance, that Amazon’s 5% ends 1 November.

These retailers pay a commission to Giving Assistant just for sending them extra business.  I’ve used other coupon websites before and Giving Assistant differs a bit in that it gives away the full commission to its members. Yip, 100% of the commissions earned from their retail partners are given back to you, the member, through cash back. The rebate percentage is more than what you get from most of the other online portals.

I’m At Last Supporting my Fave Charity

We’ve all got a charity that lies close to our hearts, and mine is rescue dogs. You can’t believe the cruelty that some so-called humans meter out to their very own pets. Thank goodness there are charity organizations that rescue these dogs from their sub-human owners. If you like, all of your cash back can be donated to a charity you love. I like this, because often I don’t have money to give to my favorite charity, and this is a way I can contribute without feeling the ‘loss’.

Cash in Your Pocket a Little Quicker

Another nice thing about the portal is that they pay your cash back quickly, not months like some other sites. They make it easy too by at least giving you different payout options like Paypal, debit card and check. I haven’t done it myself as I use Paypal, but I believe that if you choose the debit card option, they pay out on the same day.

Since I started using Giving Assistant, I’ve discovered I’ve got a conscience! Each time I sit down for dinner I spare a thought for the scores of people who go to bed each night without anything to eat. By shopping on Giving Assistant, a small amount is donated to Feeding America. They are the nation’s biggest domestic hunger-relief organization. Now that’s worthwhile!

Cashback sites have their good and bad sides. I’m loving Giving Assistant because with their referral program, I’ve made a tidy sum this year. As with everything in life, I say you need to understand the pitfalls before you sign up with anything. I did my homework with Giving Assistant and I’m scoring all the way.