Happy Moon High Power Shower Head Review

happymoonshowerheadWe had the pleasure of reviewing this product over the past week and are in shock at how well it works. When we received the Happy Moon high power shower head we took down our high dollar existing fixture to do the review. After just a few days of having this very affordable head up in our master bathroom, we will not be taking it down. Wow how does this thing do what it does?  Our shower has twice the width and 3 times the pressure as our old fixture.

If you want a high dollar shower experience for an economical price, look no further. This shower head “rocks”!  Our shower times are even shorter because of the high pressure and how it gets all of the soap and shampoo rinsed off quickly.  I don’t have any benchmarks but I believe this will probably save us on our water bill.  What a great product!