Home Renovations Are About Family And Property Value

A Safe Environment To Learn And Grow

Your children shouldn’t be neglected as you renovate your home and maintain it. Think about your childhood memories. Perhaps when your parents installed a fountain in the backyard, or a stylish statue; maybe a hot tub.

While the parents enjoy renovating a home, kids take pride in seeing those changes. They’ll talk amongst themselves about the cool new features of a home. They’ll show their friends the changes their parents made and even they helped with. So you must find a way to engage your children in the renovation process and make them an active part of it.

What is the use of filling your garden with adult-oriented content, if your child will unlikely play there? Instead, you could create an environment where playing outside will be more fun, by putting in a shady pergola, for example. This will give you a great place to entertain your guests while simultaneously making children’s recreation outdoors more comfortable and fun.

A group of outdoor pergola builders, NJ being their headquarters, provide some fine outdoor innovation. According to their site: “…the Equinox Louvered Pergola was designed for homeowners that have a passion for entertaining outdoors. With the touch of a remote, the Equinox Pergola can open completely, allowing full sun and breeze …”

Safety And Sustainability Options

Something else to remember is that your home is occasionally going to have to deal with pests. Whether it’s a hornet’s nest on the balcony, mice in the basement, or bedbugs in the mattress, you need to have some plan for dealing with these potentially hazardous creatures.

To avoid pests like bed bugs, you want solutions like Delsea Pest, who point out: “Bed bugs do not cause any lasting health issues for people or spread disease, but they do bite…bites can be undetectable for many…but some…who are allergic…experience pain, redness, irritation, and itching.”

It makes sense to look around for additional pest control solutions as fits your region. Having such a contingency available when the need arises will benefit the children through stabilizing your reaction to a crisis, as well as expediting return to a known environment, and reducing possible disease or allergic reaction.

Another good tip in today’s day and age is to turn your home greener. For between $15k and $20k, you can install a wind turbine, a 5 kWh solar system, and a water turbine if there is running water nearby. Should you be paying $100 a month for electricity, that saves you $1,200 a year.

College Assets?

In a little over 16 and a half years, your sustainable energy system has paid for itself even at the $20k level. However that doesn’t count the additional property value which comes from a grid-independent electrical system. So you make money, ultimately, and you have greater safety in emergencies while additionally doing good for the environment.

That’s a great example to set for your children. Additionally, should you install such systems at their birth, by the time they’re $18, you’ve made some money back on your investment tangibly. Especially if you can find ways to reduce the cost of installing sustainable energy, you can provide a better learning and growing environment.

Between renovations, planning against pests, and becoming grid-independent, you can maintain your home’s value—and even increase it—while providing a good environment for your children to flourish in, having a positive impact on that environment, and simultaneously expanding your assets. It’s a trilateral win.