How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Like a Professional

Are you a bride to be in the trenches of wedding planning? If you’re like most brides, you are walking that tightrope between creating your dream wedding and not spending every penny you have ever made ( and then some). 

The first step in wedding planning is setting up a budget. Decide how much you can spend overall and how much you can spend on different areas of the wedding. 

One place to save some money is on invitations. You can create your own with some thought, creativity, and planning.

Learn how to make your own wedding invitations and save money too. Consider these ideas to get you started creating your own wedding invites. 

Go DIY All The Way

If you have a crafty side or want to personalize your invitations in a unique way, consider the complete do it yourself option. 

This means when you make your own wedding invitations you will design them, create them, print them and put them together yourself. This might be more work. But you can personalize in unique ways that are not options when just running them through a printer. 

DIY wedding invitations also allow you to work more closely with a particular theme or color scheme too. 

Use A Template As Your Guide

Another option is a partial DIY. You plan and personalize the invitations but with the help of a template. 

Search the internet for template options. Use others’ creativity to spark your own by looking at the templates creating. A template helps with some technical parts of putting together the invitation but still allows you to actually make them yourself. 

There are online programs like Adobe Spark Post that can assist you in creating a special and memorable invite that sets the tone for your special day. You choose and invite that best represents how you want your day to look and feel, then fill in your specific information. 

This version of DIY wedding invitations is so nice because you are saving money by doing it yourself, without having to also do the layout and design part. 

Make It Yourself So It Looks Like The Pros

Homemade wedding invitations or DIY wedding invitations can certainly save you money. But you still want them to look polished. There are several points to consider when creating your own invites.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Whether you use type them on your own program or use a template, make sure several people proofread them Nothing demotes the quality more than a typo. 

Choose High-Quality Paper

Choose high-quality paper for your invitations. Consider a heavier cardstock. It gives your invites substance and makes them look like they are coming from a professional. If you are printing them in your home printer, make sure your printer can handle the heavier weight paper. 

The same is true for envelopes. Choose quality paper and consider whether you can make your own envelope liners to personalize, yet still save money. Also, see if you can use your printer to help with addressing instead of the option of using a label. 

Inserts Or Combine

For many professionally done wedding invitations, there are multiple insert cards. There might be one for an RSVP and one for the reception. There might be a card for other events around the wedding. One way to save and simplify is to eliminate some of the inserts, combine them or use a wedding website for information.

Learn How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations 

Having a special invitation that marks the occasion of your marriage is important. But it doesn’t have to break the bank. It also doesn’t have to look homemade. 

Use these tips to learn how to make your own wedding invitations. 

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