Hygeia EnJoye EXT Breast Pump Review

Are you an earth friendly mom?  The Hygeia EnJoye EXT is an earth friendly breast pump.  Hygenia is committed to helping make their product greener.  They introduced their green breast pumps to help keep breast pumps from winding up in the landfill.  Most breast pumps are made for single user use and have to be thrown away once you are done with it.  Hygeia’s breast pumps are registered as multi-user breast pumps and can be shared.  The Hygeia EnJoye EXT gives mother’s a high quality professional grade breast pump without the cost and hassle of renting a hospital grade breast pump.  Rental breast pumps are often times heavy, bulky, and aren’t very portable.  This breast pump is light weight and is portable.  The pump weighs about 5 pounds.
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Stylish Tote Bag Allows Mom to Carry Breast Pump Discreetly

The Hygeia EnJoye EXT comes with a tote bag to carry your breast pump and accessories in.  The tote bag is stylish and can be ordered in brown or black.  It has a white pin strip edge.  The best part about about having a stylish bag to carry your breast pump in, most of the time no one will even realize it.  This is a great way for mom’s to be able to carry their pump around discreetly.

C.A.R.E Button

When you are expressing breast milk, do you ever wish that you could hear those sweet baby sounds that you hear when you are breastfeeding?  Well the Hygiea EnJoye can record those sweet baby sounds, so that you can play them back while you are pumping.  Hygeia developed the C.A.R.E (Customized Audio Recording Experience) button to enhance your pumping experience.

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