The Importance Of A Strong Parental Relationship For Happy Children

parenthealthy.Do you worry about knowing what is best for your children? All parents want to know whether what they are doing is the best thing for their children. Raising children is an incredible responsibility that can sometimes be a little daunting. You only have one chance to do it with no practice run so there is nothing wrong with looking for guidance.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how having a strong parental relationship, filled with deep and meaningful conversations, can be the best thing for your children.

Here are the reasons why you should create a strong parental relationship for the sake of your children if you haven’t already:

It Offers Your Children Structure And Stability

Many parents don’t realize how much children can pick up on their behavior even at a young age. Because you might not realize how much your children are picking up, you don’t think about how fighting with the other parent might cause them to act out. If you are constantly fighting with the other parent then you will create a chaotic household. A chaotic environment is simply not healthy for children. They need to have structure and stability in their life so that the only thing they have to worry about are things like homework, what they want for Christmas, and simply being a child.

Your Children Won’t Be Stuck In The Middle

It is important that you and the other parent are both on the same page about everything when it comes to your children so they don’t feel like their stuck in the middle.  If you’re not on the same side then one parent usually becomes the one that disciplines while the other parent often is the fun one. This can undermine the one and lead to an unhealthy relationship between the children and the other parent. Even if you don’t get along with them, for the sake of the children it is important to unite when it comes to parenting decisions.

Your Children Will Know What A Healthy Relationship Is

If you’re happily married then your children will have the opportunity to learn what a healthy marriage looks like. History tends to repeat itself, and  if your children know what a healthy relationship looks like they will be more likely to choose a healthy  relationship later in life. Constant fighting will cause your children to know nothing different than frictional relationships and that it is possible it will cause them to think that is the norm.  If you’re having problems in your relationship then the best thing may be to seek professional help to resolve matters away from the home so your children are not affected.

It Will Be Easier For You To Accept Your Children

You might think that you will always accept your children no matter what they do, but those of us who have parented know that this can sometimes be a struggle . It will be easier to handle parenting decisions better if you are able to accept the other parent first. Although this may seem like a challenge, even impossible at times; it is important to make an effort so that we can reciprocate that same acceptance to our children. There will be times when they do things that we may not agree with, but as a parent we need to keep a relationship in place so that they feel accepted. It is extremely important that our children feel accepted at home while we still provide guidance.

You Won’t Take It Out On The Kids

While I know parents don’t mean it to happen it certainly does. If you have had a fight with the other parent and your children try to get your attention, you will be more likely to snap at them. It isn’t fair to take your frustrations and anger out on them. We need to remember that our children are a captive audience. They really don’t have a choice but to be stuck in the path of a frustrated parent’s anger. To stop this from happening, you need to work on your relationship with the other parent and reduce and hopefully stop arguments before they even start. Remember,  not to take it out on the children.

Your Children Will Be More Successful

There have been studies that have proven that children who grow up with parents who are happily married will likely be more successful in life themselves. They are more likely to do well in school,  college, and ultimately their careers. Instead of being in a frustrated house they can expend their energy on things healthy growing kids need, instead of an unhealthy home.  It is important that our children are not forced to be adults before their time.

Your Children Will Get More Parenting Time

If children live with both parents then they will have a lot more parenting time than with a single parent. When a single parent is cooking the dinner or doing the housework then the children are often left to themselves. When a married parent is cooking the dinner or doing the housework then the other parent can be helping the children with their homework, or spending quality time. This extra time can be so very valuable for your children and will help nurture them to be successful and happy adults.


Whether you’re married or are a single parent then it is still possible create a strong parental relationship.  Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t done it right up to this point. The most important thing we can do is to fix it from this point forward.

Photo by: Pixabay

Have you ever argued in front of your kids and later regretted it?

What have you done to make your parenting more healthy?