Install Familoop Safeguard on All Your Child's Devices to Protect Them on the Internet

Install Familoop Safeguard on All Your Child’s Devices to Protect Them on the Internet

Install Familoop Safeguard on All Your Child's Devices to Protect Them on the Internet

Do your children love technology? My kids do and as a tech savvy mom, I do know that it is important to keep my children safe while they are using their tablets, the computer, smartphones, or other devices that can connect to the Internet. I shared an article a few months ago, which introduced you to Familoop Safeguard. Familoop Safeguard is an app that you can put on your child’s smart phone, tablet, and computer so that you can monitor everything that they do online. Plus, they even had a bunch of internet safety tips and articles to assist parents with talking to children about how to use the Internet safely.

Most parents want to trust their kids when it comes to using the Internet but from my own parenting experience, trust only goes so far. When a child gets curious or they are tempted by other people to do things that they know that they aren’t supposed to do. If your child is doing something that they know that they aren’t supposed to do, they will get sneaky and try to hide their activity.

Instead of being reactive, it is better to be proactive when it comes to ensuring that your child will stay safe when they are browsing the Internet or playing games. Some of the games do have chat features, so you never know if your child is going to be exposed to people who are looking for kids to prey upon. Simply install Familoop Safeguard on all their devices it will help keep your kids safe even if they delete their conversations.

Benefits of Using Familoop Safeguard

I have already mentioned a few great features about Familoop Safeguard but I wanted to outline it so that it is easy for you to see all of the great benefits.

  • Helps parents understand their child’s online digital profile.
  • App monitors all of their online activities.
  • Analyzes all of your child’s activities and gives you actionable insights to their online activities.
  • Helps you set proactive rules for their usage.
  • Automatically blocks inappropriate content including photos, websites, and videos. Plus, it even sends you an alert immediately.
  • You can set up healthy usage and block activities when you don’t want them using the Internet.
  • Monitors all of their communication for signs of suspicious behavior.
  • The app can monitor their social media accounts too. No need for account log in information.
  • Has the potential to let you use geo-fences to monitor where your child is at all times. It will alert you if they leave home or enter dangerous neighborhoods.

Don’t let your child use their devices without using Familoop Safeguard. Try it for 10 days for free on all of your child’s devices. Here is your coupon code for 25% OFF for your 1st subscription on Familoop Safeguard – “775-KBE-FZU”. You can choose a type of subscription at and use your coupon code in a Shopping cart for getting your 25% discount instantly applied.

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Do currently use parental control software on your child’s devices such as tablets, smartphone and computer?

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