Is Your Child Falling Behind in Reading and Writing? Signs to Watch Out For

As your child starts their first year of school, parents can hope for nothing but the best. Their hopes are that their child will succeed, make friends, learn to be independent, and have an enjoyable experience throughout their entire school years.

However, because kids learn at different speeds and in different ways, the learning experience isn’t always the same for all kids. As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the common signs to watch for so that if your child is falling behind in such things as reading and writing, you know how to react.

Don’t Wait – Jump on the Issue Quickly

One of the biggest tips for parents is not to wait. If they suspect their child may be having difficulty with reading and/or writing, it is best to act right away. Ignoring it can make the situation worse, and it can be stressful on the child who is falling behind. Typically, these issues begin to present themselves in preschool and during the kindergarten years, so this is also the best time to do something about it.

Do They Have Trouble with Alike Sounds?

A big indicator that your child may be having problems reading is if they show difficulty in manipulating sounds. This can be seen with words that have the same sounds. If you play a rhyming game with them and they struggle to correctly identify rhyming words, then there is a good chance they are having a problem with reading.

For those children who are learning English as their second language, this can be even more common, especially if English isn’t the language spoken at home. In this case parents may not be the best ones to be correcting them, or helping them, but instead might want to look for a professional.

You may want to spend some time reading about Helen Doron English teaching, as she has mastered the art of teaching English as a foreign language. There are programs that start as early as infancy and continue to the age of 19. In fact, they have helped more than two million children learn how to read English.

Do They Have Problems Remembering New Words?

Another sign to watch for tends to present itself in grade one, since the learning becomes a bit more intense. If your child is having problems learning, pronouncing, and then remembering new words this can be another warning sign. Typically, this means they are having a problem letter and sound association.

Does Your Child Have Problems Talking with Other Kids?

Again, this is more obvious as they enter kindergarten and first grade, but can also be a good indicator that they are experiencing issues. If your child has problems talking and playing with others, and seems to feel unsure, then they may in fact have an issue with language.

Help Can Turn Things Right Around

The wonderful part about stepping in and helping your child at a young age is that they are so receptive to learning, and tend to take it all in very quickly and easily. By knowing the signs to watch for, you’ll be able to provide them with the help they need to succeed.