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Analyze multiple and complex causes and effects of events in the past. While this total war policy was effective in bringing the South to its knees, many have questioned the morality of this way of war. Tell students that they are to research their campaign to make a travel brochure for their park. in which they display to the class the information concerning their battle. - Facts, Summary & Significance, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Civil War Begins: Northern and Southern Advantages Compared, The First Battle of Bull Run: Civil War Blood is Shed, Key Civil War Battles in 1862: Monitor and Merrimac, Antietam, New Orleans & Shiloh, The Emancipation Proclamation: Creation, Context and Legacy, How the Civil War Affected the Economy and Everyday Life in the North and South, Civil War Turning Points: Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and Vicksburg, End of the Civil War: General Grant Begins the March Toward Richmond, Lincoln's Assassination and Lee's Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, First Contacts in the Americas: Tutoring Solution, Settling the North American Colonies: Tutoring Solution, After the American Revolution: Tutoring Solution, The Jacksonian Democracy: Tutoring Solution, Manifest Destiny & Expansion: Tutoring Solution, Buildup to the American Civil War: Tutoring Solution, After the Civil War - Reconstruction: Tutoring Solution, The American Industrialization Era: Tutoring Solution, The American Progressive Era: Tutoring Solution, American Imperialism & World War l: Tutoring Solution, America & the Great Depression: Tutoring Solution, America & the Second World War: Tutoring Solution, Post-War and the Cold War: Tutoring Solution, Civil Rights Movements in America: Tutoring Solution, America from 1992 to the Present: Tutoring Solution, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, Know about Lincoln's proclamation to free the slaves, Discover the terrain features from Antietam, Identify the key leaders from both the Union and Confederacy, Understand the impact that the battle had on the Civil War, Identify the specific army that fought under Lee, Learn about the casualties of the battle of Antietam. Therefore not only does their brochure have to be informative, but eye-catching as well. You will receive your score and answers at the end. Read aloud the following quote from Sherman: "Until we can repopulate Georgia, it is useless to occupy it: but the utter destruction of its roads, houses and people will cripple their military resources. The morning battle killed almost 13,000 soldiers from both sides before ending at around 10 a.m. Sign Me Up, Editing resources is available exclusively for KidsKonnect Premium members.To edit this worksheet, click the button below to signup (it only takes a minute) and you'll be brought right back to this page to start editing! For each battle, complete the information shared in the graphic organizer below. He cut a swath through Georgia from Atlanta to Savannah, capturing that city in December. You will also need to print out the corresponding worksheets from the attached Text Documents, making enough copies for the entire class. Although southerners cheered the exploits of blockade-runners and commerce raiders, which preyed on northern shipping, the blockade continued throughout the war, leading to the slow strangulation of the Confederate economy. Evaluate the role of Sherman's "total war" tactics in bringing about a Union victory. On September 15, the Union troops began arriving at Antietam Creek. 0000148922 00000 n 0000016083 00000 n Using the interactive Civil War map, have students, in pairs, select a battle to research. Students may wish to watch some of these popular movies, such as Gettysburg, Gods and Generals, or Glory. Navy, June 21, 1864, Report of Commander Napoleon Collins, U.S. Navy, October 31, 1864, Report of Lieutenant Morris, C.S. It was only after the twin Union victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg that the tide of the war turned; thereafter the war became a slow grind that ultimately exhausted not only the Confederacy's army, but its economy and society as well. While three smaller armies in peripheral theaters (Nathaniel Banks against Mobile, Franz Sigel in the Shenandoah Valley; and Ben Butler moving toward Richmond via the James River) tied down significant Confederate forces, preventing them from shifting troops from one theater to another, the two main armies, Meade's Army of the Potomac and William Tecumseh Sherman's army group at Chattanooga would lock horns respectively with Lee in Virginia and Joe Johnson's Army of Tennessee on the road to Atlanta. �u�6IelxjրӢM�*�����K� @d~{n���e vl 0�9< ! b. However, the victory of the Union at the Battle of Antietam and the Emancipation Proclamation discouraged the two countries from doing so. Both sides suffered unprecedented casualties at Shiloh—indeed, more soldiers died in this battle than in all of the nation's previous wars. Hunley PowerPoint, Civil War - The Battle Of 1861 & 1862 PowerPoint, Civil War - The Battle Of Antietam PowerPoint, Civil War - The Battle Of Chancellorsville PowerPoint, Civil War - The Battle Of Fort Sumter PowerPoint, Civil War - The Battle Of Gettysburg PowerPoint, Civil War - The Battle Of Ironclads PowerPoint, Civil War - The Battle Of Shiloh PowerPoint, Civil War - The Battle Of Spotsylvania PowerPoint, Civil War - The Causes Of The Civil War PowerPoint, Civil War - The Civil War Generals PowerPoint, Civil War - The Civil War Glossary & Terms PowerPoint, Civil War - The Reconstruction Era PowerPoint, Civil War - The Underground Railroad PowerPoint, Civil War - The Union Blockade PowerPoint, Civil War - The Women Of The Civil War PowerPoint, Civil War - Timeline Of The Civil War PowerPoint, Civil War - Weapons & Technology PowerPoint. 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