endobj Note: Names for Alias, Zones, Zone configuration is case-sensitive, it must begin with a letter and can be followed by any number of letters, numbers, and underscore characters. Why Zone? Before jumping into the procedure let’s spend some time to understand the basics of zoning. Leave a reply below, or feel free to contact us. What if the switch itself goes offline? VAT: BE 0721.881.423 | Bank: BE65 9733 6186 4796 A value of 0 uses IDLE. endstream endobj x��!�Oԭ3�>�I#���ڂs�{�(V�!�G/E�7�t�~��Ө��||ty:8ڮ��87a���1*�*���)3b���iq����}�-�1�OG��U� J�����wH�����`��]n�Qv �Բ�ڰ��v��d���}�%�IX?���:M`��?"�+X�>�l��������e�����E����`/Ǥ��/��r�=���Bj}�`�0H�>�Z��z/?���]���p�բ�}��j�y�W��.��%���R���h. A storage array can be directly attached to a host. In a traditional data center, fabric and the storage array is given more importance and are always redundant to avoid unexpected and unnecessary downtime. x�bbd``b`+ �@�* ��H���j@��H���d��"� �* C�Ug�YepV6��g��X`�@����$v``bd�R��HB�=�L���!W )'b You can generate the Brocade configuration files using one of the following options: Using CLI: Log in to the Brocade switch terminal using the admin or other equivalent role with admin access. Appreciate your feedback & thanks for stopping by. Verify it using the following commands. �܌�l�a�{�y�3�]��:G@���`!#�U��2�hFos�J��WFF�Sg˦3���|�b8�p��$���@|���H``vc`p:2����H�d`�������b`Ir��BEGH/d`����� � *䃬 At any given time there can be only one active configuration. The commands must be repeated for each ISL port. It can be a storage array, HBA port or another switch. Run the cfgshow command. @����#GBG C��A����n0��� �!�7���C'�7 Any suggestion or question? This switched network is referred as Fabric. 07/11/2019 | In a traditional data center, fabric and the storage array is given more importance and are always redundant to avoid unexpected and unnecessary downtime. Step 3: Next step is to create a configuration which will hold the zones that we just created. The idea is to bind WWPN’s of intended devices (ports) together. N��qʘ�p�P���+B!�bL_��"��L"@���"�Q�!�eZ��X����{嶟�D�8e4���2O�I! 5�H�� j��*T�!�`���Uv������ `��eC6�(�bt@ �\���ց�e30���r@��l����+X�2]�2a�2����"+�*K1H^�!�]�Q���Q�q�L Apr 4, 2007 #2 Using the commandline would not be desirable for a newbie. Alias is a logical group of a single WWPN or a number of WWPN’s. I suggest you use the web interface and read the basic steps from the user guide. STORCOM BV is a registered company operating under the Belgian law. Required fields are marked *. In a MetroCluster configuration, these are the ports that connect the switch to the HBA initiators, FC-VI interconnects, and FC-to-SAS bridges. Leave a comment In my case, I have two switches with a physical distance of 146 km. Optionally, you can enable the QOS on the ISL ports by using the following command: To check and confirm the port parameters use the following command: At this step the port is ready. FC (Fiber Channel) switch is a networking device which enables hosts to connect with one or many storage arrays. To see the devices which are logged into the switch the following commands can be executed. moon-buddy. The following command creates a configuration named “AppServer” and then adds both zones to it. 2,276 Views. The required value might depend on the link being used. �{�C�H��� ���n���݌IHi�-(������Ox�qx��XJ���SL����wͤ��Ϥ��aZP;`��i!C�͙�4A&Z2h���X�����N�TX!�n�a2T�R4��g_���E� a�>.���?���=����c�^�����ʮ�����%;���,Ҥ�[?�fLa���*�F��4�a���E2Oq��9w�� ��;p�)mvkl^�8��;p�4���*p�/�O%n�0�P���n��}o��La�����.X �>��n�H���F_�^\��G���^�H��wq/W���k��Ue�u�̙O�mR�s��z����\HẘxN!f�- �Џ��,9v�?vuO�}�� ���"�`TD�x�M�k˸�� Executing wrong commands or typos will cause adverse effects, In order to avoid such mistakes, we must note down the WWN’s of the device which we are going to zone together and must decide on naming convention for them. Most IT organization follows a uniform naming convention. The WWPN that we just noted down is not easy to remember and it is not easy to type while zoning. Infatuated Crossword Clue 8 Letters, Kärcher Cleaning Solutions, Kinda Kinks Reprise, Mazda Tribute 2010 Specs, Will Going To + Present Continuous Exercises With Answers Pdf, Someone Used My Credit Card Fraudulently, Out Of Question Meaning, Comments comments" />
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