Make sure the vehicle is on a level surface, if possible. Page 15 ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY Assemble the Cup Holder Match up the letter (L or R) on the bottom of the Cup Holder with the matching letter on the Booster Seat and insert the Cup Holder into the correct side.

Page 51 BOOSTER INSTALLATION BOOSTER INSTALLATION BOOSTER INSTALLATION Make sure the Child Restraint is not blocking the vehicle belt buckle. LEVEL Place the Booster on the vehicle seat making sure the installation lines (located on the Seat Base) are PARALLEL with the vehicle seating surface. on you knowing how to setup, install and use this Booster Seat properly. Refer to vehicle owner’s manual for information about LATCH and Booster Seat installation positions. • Before installing this Booster Seat in a vehicle, be sure to also check the vehicle owner’s manual for information on proper installation. Make sure the Cup Holder lip fits behind the groove on the Booster Seat …

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