Instead the BBC portrayed hooliganism as being deeply rooted in Millwall, and attempted to link them to the far-right political party National Front. In the media, Millwall's supporters have often been associated with hooliganism, with numerous films having been made fictionalising their notoriety. Pagani Imola Top Speed, #MillwallFC famous fans include Daniel Day-Lewis, David Haye, Gary Oldman, Ian Wright, Scroobius Pip, Tamer Hassan, Nick Love and many more! [35][171] Former club chairman Reg Burr once commented: "Millwall are a convenient coat peg for football to hang its social ills on",[174] an example being the reporting of convicted murderer Gavin Grant. [185][186], In January 2009, hundreds of Millwall fans perceived as "high risk" individuals gained access to an FA Cup fourth-round match away at Hull City. Right wing: Jim Davidson - Davidson, a staunch admirer of Margaret Thatcher and notorious for singling out disabled people and ethnic minorities during his stand up shows, slots in nicely on the right side of midfield. [182], In May 2002, hundreds of hooligans attaching themselves to Millwall were involved in disorder around the ground, after the team lost a play-off game to Birmingham City. [233], Millwall have been depicted in films several times, specifically highlighting the club's hooliganism firm the Bushwackers and the rivalry with West Ham United.

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